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  1. 2 minutes ago, FGITLOTR said:



    We all hope he doesn't leave Chicago for the Jets, BUT is it really worse? Even if the QB was Darnold, or Lawrence, that's a massive upgrade over Foles/Trubisky. 

    Maybe not worse for us fantasy owners but worse for ARob.  The Jets are further behind than the Bears in terms of building a consistent winner.  Just my opinion of course.

    I keep thinking that Sammy Watkins is on a one year deal (I think..if not this is total tripe, then), and KC can’t be overly thrilled with what he’s done, can they?  Surely ARob would be considered an upgrade.  How much would they be willing to offer, and would ARob settle for less if it meant going to a powerhouse?   Fun things to speculate, if nothing else.  Granted Kelce is more WR than TE, so who knows.

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  2. 56 minutes ago, Sir Psycho said:

    Why would he leave the Bears to go to the Jets ??

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting it per se.  I think most of us dynasty owners are just hoping he leaves Chicago for somewhere with above average QB play because we believe ARob would be a monster.   Some of us are suggesting that with our luck he would leave Chicago....for the Jets.  Which would be worse. And that’s seems to be how our luck, and Arob’s, goes.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, dutch said:

    The bigger issue to me is the vitriol that was thrown at Obama and Hillary by many of the same who are hardcore Trump supporters who then react in a scorched earht manner when you point out trumps failings. Its truly amazing to watch the contortions as folks now lambaste twitter/facebook et al and herd over to parler to enjoy a larger echo chamber of bitterness.

    I agree with you on this.  Conversely I never understood the hardcore support of Obama and Trump by their respective supporters. They’re human beings...they’re going to get some stuff right, they’re going to screw some stuff up.  For some reason we have come to associate the actions of our president with us.  If the guy I voted for did something wrong, that means I was wrong to vote for him.  If the guy (gender non specific form of “guy”) I didn’t vote for did something right, I was wrong for not voting for him.  And I’m never wrong.  I’m always in the right.  So it’s time to fight.

    I just don’t get it.  And I’m running out of energy and brainpower to figure it out.

  4. 9 hours ago, GordonGekko said:


    I don't think there will ever be healing, I do think peace can be had. Take for example, Seattle. Without people screwing it up, a beautiful city normally. The best thing for a situation like that is for the conservative minded to leave. Move and take their votes and tax dollars with them. It's going to be easier to have peace when you have entire areas that are purely liberal or purely conservative. You want to defund the police? Do it. Go on, just do it when everyone who feels otherwise has moved out. No arguments, then see if it works.


    This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to.  And I have wondered...if we somehow managed to split into 2 countries, say the “LSA” and “CSA”, how long would each country be happy until they each found something else to get divided by?  I think it’s just in our nature to divide ourselves into teams and compete. Like the old Emo Phillips joke.

  5. I miss the days when if people told you they were Democrat or Republican (or liberal or conservative) you still didn’t know everything about them.

    How do we heal?  I don’t know.  It’s going to take me a while to get over a lot of the ugliness I have seen from people over the last 4 years.  People I thought were good and kind let their hatred of, or devotion to, one man make them completely forget themselves.  And what scares me the most is that they will look in the mirror, ask themselves if they were part of the problem, and say “nope”.   

    I’m keeping myself to myself these days.  

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  6. 7 minutes ago, BoltBacker said:

    I see. Haven't heard from many folks in months(maybe even years) that I truly believed was undecided, but I can understand the position that you are taking.

    Sounds like you have given thought to the subject even if you are currently undecided and will at least make an informed decision whatever you choose. I certainly do hope you vote no matter which direction that you choose.

    This will be my LAST question. Are you less impressed with the 3rd party option(s) that you are presented with in 2020 than you were presented with in 2016?

    Gary Johnson got a lot more press, but I will promptly admit that I have been living under the proverbial political rock lately.  For the sake of my sanity I had to stop reading and stop discussing with people because the divisiveness became too much.   So I’ve got some crash course reading to do on Dr Jorgensen, but sadly I think 2016 was our best chance to knock the 2 party system on its butt.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, AAABatteries said:

    Out of curiosity what do see as the identity of the GOP?

    I think the identity of both parties is - we aren’t as bad as the other party.

    A fair question.  I don’t think can answer that coherently.  But perhaps it will suffice it to say that while in a lot of respects I consider myself a conservative, I don’t know that I consider myself a Republican anymore.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, BoltBacker said:

    What made you vote 3rd party in 2016 that has changed this time around? Or do you think that your views have changed since 2016 and that is while you are still undecided at this time?

    You asked, and I will give you an honest answer.  I am more concerned today with the Democrat party drifting further toward outright socialism than I was in 2016.  I did not like either candidate in 2016 and I still don’t.  

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  9. 4 minutes ago, wikkidpissah said:

    that wasnt the point of this at all.

    i'm trying to understand the confidence of some, the worry of others and why my guess that the President will have trouble garnering 40% of the popular vote is so quickly dismissed when, anecdotally, i know of so many who arent re-upping to the Trump administration but no new conversions.

    I know man, and I apologize.  I’m just exhausted with it all.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Zow said:

    I've played it a few times with buddies who are avid players. It's pretty fun and is pretty easy to become half-decent at (in contrast to regular golf). Great way to spend a couple of hours in the son with some beers and friends. 

    The OP is correct that it's almost a necessity to have at least a driving disc and a putting disc.

    Most new players are going to be able throw putters as far as drivers.  Starting with putters only is a great way to develop good form and habits.  Drivers are very unforgiving.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Battersbox said:

    Been playing since mid-July, and my only regret is I didn't discover this sport until I was 47 years old. 

    One of the unexpected perks is I now buy a new disc each time my wife brings home yet another effing throw pillow. Nice to have a counter punch after all these years.

    I was just a tad younger when I started taking it serious and I agree.  I played a couple of times in my 20s but just recently decided to really study up on the game and figure out proper form, flight ratings, learning the jargon (has its own language, I swear!), etc.  I was an avid, lifelong golfer and I haven’t picked up my clubs in a year, and I haven’t missed it.  Crazy.

  12. On 7/3/2020 at 6:28 PM, Hoh said:

    Definitely adding one of these to my bag.  At the same time I have hard time justifying buying new discs because I’m always convinced my issues are with the archer, not the arrow.

    Well, I didn’t exactly follow through with this.  I actually added (3) of them.  What a disc.  So predictable and consistent.  In late summer I got a lesson from a touring pro and the difference it has made in my game is amazing.  You can watch all the videos on YouTube but there is no substitute from in person instruction.  

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