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  1. Summer of 2019 I was asked to be a pie judge at our church picnic.  Almost 30 pies.  It was the best day of my life.  Nothing else even comes close.



    Oh, and:

    1) Peach

    2) Pumpkin

    3) blackberry and/or raspberry 

    4) blueberry

    5) apple

  2. 33 minutes ago, BearsFan4Life said:

    I wish Mixon was a buy low in my dynasty league... they want Barkley for Mixon and Conner.

    I’ll get blasted for this but I don’t know that I would give up Mixon for Barkley straight up.  I am VERY concerned about Barkley’s future. 😞

  3. 2 hours ago, wikkidpissah said:

    on the day my father told me he'd decided to take good vacations instead of start a college fund for me because i was so smart that, if i didn't get to the Ivy League on a scholarship it would be my own damn fault, i chose to never even apply to a college (quit HS @ 15) and live on my wits. i do not regret that decision one li'l bit, nor do those who've heard my tales

    except for one thing. the psych biz is 98.4% wrong, psych is my greatest talent & passion, i actually know what the difference will be between Human2000 and Human2200 that will make them laugh at us the way we do at doctor/barbers of our past, but my theories cant be advanced to the acceptance or research track without initials behind my name. that knowledge rips at my guts daily, as much if not more than widowerhood

    I still say Rose should have made room for you on that door.

  4. 4 minutes ago, urbanhack said:

    I’ve got a problem at this point.  I’m backing up every disc that I like and getting different variations.  Like just last week I really needed to get that Nate Sexton Tour Series Firebird Glo, so I ordered it.   :mellow:

    I’m keeping it under control but the temptation is real.  I have about 30 discs and when my wife shakes her head I tell her she has no idea how bad it could be.  Since taking it up 4 years ago I have discovered that one of my friends from grade school and high school that I lost touch with the second we graduated has now become one of the big names in disc golf stamp art, so I’d like to add a bunch of his work to my collection at some point.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Jaysus said:

    I recently rediscovered my Buzzz.... not sure why that has been out of my bag for as long as it has, but it seems like I can put it wherever I want at this point.


    Definitely adding one of these to my bag.  At the same time I have hard time justifying buying new discs because I’m always convinced my issues are with the archer, not the arrow.

  6. This is just one of those sports where I am getting much better even if my scores are not.  I’m making 3’s in completely different ways now.  I still can’t throw reliably over 280’ and people make it seem like it should be the easiest thing in the world.  I watched Eagle McMahon put it pin high in 2 on an 1100’ par 5.  I have never been in awe of pro athletes as I am with pro disc golfers.

  7. 3 minutes ago, ffmail4me said:

    How do you figure? There is plenty of room for 3 WRs to be successful on the same team. The Redskins and Rams both have 3 WRs with 1000 yards in a season, that's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there have been others. IF AB can still play, why wouldn't Evans and Godwin want him to play and help them win. These guys main goal is winning a SB, not their FF stats. 

    He’s been with the organization for 30 seconds and is already expressing doubt in his new team. If I’m Godwin or Evans and someone comes in and states they want an absolute head case on the team, I’d have a problem with that. Yes they don’t care about FF stats but these men still have pride in the work they have done and their importance to the team.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    Yet they didn't get it right. KeeSean Johnson won't make it and Fitz is just a bit player now.

    I think Isabella will have a better year two and Kirk is okay. But the Cards philosophy means to spread defenses out and hit them quickly. It's also why I wouldn't expect to see them drafting linemen highly anytime soon.

    Ah.  I’m betting then that I’m higher on Kirk than you are.

  9. 1 hour ago, Tom Servo said:

    I was an electrical engineering major and based by college career on getting a job in the electric utility industry (my dad was a lineman).  It's been a solid, sustainable career.  I went from making $27k in 1986 to low-level FBG numbers now.

    Based on what my alma mater does now for my major, I probably couldn't hack it. :lol: 

    If you're an engineer, the field is wide open and opportunities can be had and careers made.

    Also an EE from our alma mater, and honestly I don’t see what the point was.  I could count the good professors on one hand.

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