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  1. And probably the day after I retire.
  2. GET. OUT. Too bad we can’t stay, baby.
  3. Didn’t take it as disparaging at all. I suffer from owner bias probably more than anyone I know. It’s goid for me to check in on how other people view players.
  4. I have to admit I was taken aback at Michel and Jones being a “pair of RB2’s”. But now that I think on it that’s totally fair because RB talent is as high as I can remember. I think both Jones and Michel could be top 10 or higher for the next few years, but I could probably pick 15 other guys that I could say the same about. Crazy depth right now.
  5. So you’re saying if I pull it off I’m an evil genius...🤣🤣
  6. That’s very interesting. What if you were offered Sony Michel and Aaron Jones? Fair or lopsided? ETA: let’s go with the assumption that you don’t have much at RB other than Barkley in a 2RB league
  7. I honestly enjoy it. So much so I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to turn it into a side hussle, but I didn’t think there would be many people willing to pay for such a thing.
  8. How much time has to elapse between farts to be considered separate farts, and not just continuation farts/aftershocks?
  9. Wouldn’t put it past Mike Brown to hire Jackson just to prove he was smart to keep Lewis all these years.
  10. My deepest condolences. My family will lift up yours in prayer tonight at Christmas Eve Mass. Stay strong, sir.
  11. Family bought me a jersey for Christmas and gave it to me early so I could wear it tomorrow. I guess I’m morally obligated to start him now.
  12. Gosh this makes me want to bump Watson over Mahomes.
  13. He had 100+ against Carolina last time, and Ryan vultured a couple of rushing TD’s. It’s seems reasonable that with Cam out the Falcons will be even more in a situation to run. I hope I’m right. 🙂
  14. I have him in right now, over Robinson and Godwin. He’s going to get targets, so you just have to cross your fingers that he can make a couple big plays out of them. He’s the type who only needs a couple of grabs to have a good fantasy day. That being said, I wish I had better choices.
  15. At a good breakfast buffet, I only stop eating if I have somewhere else to be, or my jaws get tired from chewing.
  16. Confidence in Drake, or just no better options? I have him behind Michel, Coleman, and Edwards at the moment. But I could be persuaded....
  17. If best means “anchoring my franchise” then I want Smith. if best means “who do I want to win this one game for me” then I want Bo Jackson.
  18. Coin flip between Jones and Michel. Leaning Jones.
  19. Likely to sit him for the likes of Allen Robinson or Kenyan Drake at Flex. Not happy about it either.
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