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  1. Coin flip between Jones and Michel. Leaning Jones.
  2. Likely to sit him for the likes of Allen Robinson or Kenyan Drake at Flex. Not happy about it either.
  3. How do we feel about him this week? I have him starting this week along with Jones....but tempted to start Michel or even Gus the Bus instead.
  4. Guessing the vial isn’t the only thing containing rocks.
  5. Considering dropping him in dynasty to pick up some of the late season waiver material like Gus Edwards. Moreso to keep Edwards from ending up on someone else’s roster while I make a push for the title. Gesicki isn’t helping anyone this year. What’s everyone think of his long term success?
  6. Rebuilding in dynasty last year and between draft picks and waivers I went all in on the 2017 draft class just hoping something would stick. Turns out, it all stuck. Ended up with Mahomes, Watson, Mixon, Aaron Jones, JuJu, Kupp, Golladay, Godwin, and Kittle. I’m amazed at that class.
  7. Leaning Ingram here. Mixon isn’t matchup proof yet. I’m sitting him for Coleman myself, hoping it won’t bite me. I feel like The distance between Mixons floor and ceiling isn’t very large this week.
  8. If the owner in my league dropped him, I would not add him.
  9. Dynasty value? If anyone on my roster is droppable right now, it’s either him or Taywan Taylor.
  10. What a class this has ended up being. I was in complete rebuild mode (dynasty) and between the draft and pre/early season moves I loaded up on this class last year just hoping something would stick. It ALL stuck. It’s been a long time since that has happened. Currently rostering Mahomes and Watson at QB, Mixon and Aaron Jones at RB, Golladay, JuJu, Godwin, Kupp, Taywan Taylor at WR, and Kittle at TE. Just a deep, deep class.
  11. I was wondering about this. How much is his skills (what are they exactly) and how much is the system? Can you shed some light on this by any chance? I don’t get to watch many games...
  12. Starting him over Coleman and Aaron Jones. The WR issue in GB has me re-thinking Jones, though. Crap.
  13. The Lollipop Guild at the onset of puberty.
  14. I think he’s going to be a critical piece of that offense. I hope it translates into fantasy numbers. Sig bet, anyone? Oh wait...?
  15. Cooper Kupp was more or less unstoppable in Tuesday's practice. The second-year receiver was a go-to guy for Goff and the chemistry was obvious in the 11-on-11 unscripted portion. The Ravens tried lining up slot corners and regular corners and even hybrid linebackers on him but to no avail. In general, he was a matchup problem and with Robert Woods and Brandin Cookson the outside, and the Rams hopeful for a breakthrough season for tight end Tyler Higbee, Kupp remains in line for a bevy of targets. Goff and he have something special going on. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2018-nfl-training-camps-keeping-jared-goff-healthy-a-priority-as-rams-lack-qb-depth/
  16. Has anyone else read Ben Hogan’s 5 secrets book? The chapter on the grip was worth the cost of the entire book. Amazing illustrations. I realize today that the inconsistency of my ball striking when I was younger was because my grip was all messed up. Most overlooked part of the process, IMO.
  17. You might also try playing a “mock round” at the range as a means of getting good practice. I have a few courses that I know very well and so I play them in my head at the range. I know that on hole 1 is a driver and 7 iron most days. So I hit my driver on the range and if I hit it decent then I hit a 7 iron next. If I didn’t hit it well or far off target then instead I hit a 6 or 5. It keeps me focused on target golf and mixes up the clubs instead of hitting 20 drivers in a row. Something to try, if you like.
  18. Thanks. What’s so tough is that in my 20’s it was my short game that was my savior. Ballstriking was average at best. Now in my 40’s it’s a complete role reversal. What once was second nature is now completely foreign...like forgetting how to read.
  19. Has anyone ever overcome the yips? It is a terrible feeling to stand over a putt already convinced you are going to miss. Liquid swing helps a little, but wondering if anyone has genuinely beat them. It’s been years since I have felt comfortable with a putter (and there have been several).
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