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  1. With a new QB who does NOT have an established rapport with Fitz, does a Cooper Kupp type rookie campaign seem possible for Kirk? Of course, that assumes they get competent QB play. I will be interested to see how this plays out. Good discussion.
  2. Well, I don’t know what to tell you. Sit down and have a beer with me and get to know me before you assume the worst.
  3. I don’t use the word. But I don’t understand why it’s used by the same people who claim to be offended by it.
  4. You’re implying she shouldn’t have said it, right?
  5. If I say it in front of people, then I have given implied consent for them to say it. I don’t want my kids dropping F bombs, so I don’t say it in front of them. You’re restricting speech based solely on skin color, and you don’t see the issue with that?
  6. So context matters in the use of these words, but the sole context is the skin color and/or gender of the speaker. That’s an interesting approach to eliminating “isms”.
  7. This has to the be the first time an artist was offended by his own lyrics.
  8. Giordanos at Polaris. You’ve earned a free meal after what you’ve been through. Let me know.
  9. Would hug. Hard. Using interlocking grip, or possibly even left hand over right fist grip.
  10. I’m guessing from a dots perspective you got an entire bag of Skittles?
  11. Nope to your nope. If you were a fan of the concept of the EO then but aren't now, this is on you too.
  12. This is all code for masturbation, right? Because boy howdy do I loves me some nazi-punching. Only thing that keeps me sane most days.
  13. How do you make a handkerchief dance? Well, I've never seen it done personally but I assume it involves some string and rudimentary puppetry skills.
  14. DD1 is probably my favorite, but I'm willing to bet most of my reasons for thinking that are because I was so blown away with the character development of Matt Murdock, and Charley Cox's fantastic portrayal.
  15. I've played a handful of times in my life, but for some reason at the age of 45 I have started to take it seriously. I'm completely hooked. Got a bag for Christmas, and I'm looking forward to building my arsenal. So much to learn....
  16. Koya, the people you knew are still the people you knew. They were placed in a virtual game of "pick the prettiest turd" and it didn't go the way you hoped. In a way this is like getting upset over a coin flip...not to minimize your feelings though. It was a lose-lose situation.
  17. I won't try to explain away this momentary lack of clarity on my part. Rather, accept my apologies and congratulations on a superior thread, sir.
  18. Yay! I love it when we mock people who think differently! It makes me feel so grown up.
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