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  1. Back in 2016, a buddy and I went to see Mr. Lahey and Randy from Trailer Park Boys do a comedy show at a VFW in Bristol, Tennessee (the No Pants Unpissed tour). I knew that the TPB cast were friends with the Hip, since they appeared in the video for “The Darkest One.” Well, they were doing a bit on the differences between Canadians and Americans or whatever and during the briefest of pauses, I yelled out “Gord Downie!” John Dunsworth stopped the bit cold and said he wanted to tell the crowd about a great Canadian that many of them had probably never heard of. He talked a little about the
  2. Love the Hip. I got into them when I was at Penn State. It was crazy that I could see them in Philly or DC playing at an SRO club in front of 200-300 people. If you got there early enough, you could find yourself standing directly in front of Gordie. Then, when I would catch them in Canada, they would be selling out an NHL arena. I actually got to see them in Ottawa on the Man Machine Poem tour in what would be their second to last show. They were just a fantastic band, and I always smile when I see somebody mentioned them around here. ETA: I just found out a month or two ago that the Hi
  3. When you get suspended, do all of your previous posts go away? And do PMs appear to come from ‘Guest’?
  4. Hang in there for just a bit. It seems like Mr. Ham hasn’t been around for quite awhile and may not be part of the forum anymore. If that’s true, I hope he knows that I wish him well and appreciate his friendship and support. I will see if I can figure out how to do another Google docs tracker and invite the others to use that one instead.
  5. Sheesh. 9-36 (1-31 in conference play) during his one chance at head coaching. Sadly, that sounds about right.
  6. Fantastic list. Thanks for all the hard work - I really enjoyed reading it.
  7. I’m a big New Wave fan but I can’t stand Depeche Mode.
  8. The spreadsheet has been really helpful for me - even if that’s not necessarily reflected in my line. Like @Mr. Ham said above, it’s about accountability. I’ve been lying to myself for many years now, and God knows I’ve lied to those around me. But I do not lie to the spreadsheet. I can now see quantitatively the extent of my situation, which will inevitably make it easier to chip away at a little bit at a time.
  9. I just signed up for Discovery Plus and watched the first Bounty Hunters tournament. There are two online at present with more to come.
  10. I had never heard this song until I saw the movie, but I was born in 1977 so I’m kind of a late bloomer in this crowd. ETA: This is also, without question, my favorite bass line to play.
  11. I am using those terms interchangeably. I guess to me, alcohol use disorder doesn’t seem to have the same negative stigma attached to it.
  12. Yes, this is the same as alcoholism. I just wanted to start a new thread for those of us who are really struggling or for those who can offer helpful insights. I figured it would be simpler without the pole, focused more on folks for whom this is a real, life-affecting issue. I am one of those people.
  13. OK, one last thing and then I will be quiet, thoughI have to admit I like that this is bringing my post count up. Loving the idea of a color scheme for quick reference. I’m just wondering if you mean: Green = 0 / Yellow = Less than or equal to daily goal / red = More than daily goal OR Green = achieved a daily goal / yellow = missed daily goal / red = missed daily goal abysmally
  14. I think Google says 1.5 oz, but we can make it one. I know I’m splitting hairs, I just want to get this stuff sorted out from the very beginning.
  15. That’s fantastic, i’ve probably said too ambitious a goal as I am tapering (terrified of DTs) so I will probably have more red unless I temper my expectations. One line will be enough for me since weekdays and weekends are all about the same in my life. One thing though, sometimes I drink the hard stuff, and sometimes I drink beer. Sometimes I drink both. How do you think I should itemize that?
  16. Hey, I’ve never used Google docs before. I think I have made an edit on line 9. Let me know if it doesn’t show up. And then let me know how to make it show up Also, feel free to fix my formatting so everything is uniform.
  17. Maybe Fred or somebody else should start a new thread for those of us who are concerned about our drinking and might benefit from a little discussion. Not necessarily an AA thread per se, but some place for FBGs to talk about challenges, successes, failures, etc without all the extraneous noise.
  18. Thank you for this and the other comments you’ve made in this thread. I was just going to lurk after voting yes, but you and Fred have emboldened me. I am in just about the same situation - four days for a handle. I know it’s not healthy, and it makes me feel bad about myself pretty much all the time. The problem is, I am bored/lonely, and being drunk just makes things more interesting. When I am drinking, I can watch a ball game between two teams that I care nothing about and be riveted. I can watch a movie that I suspect is going to be awful, and still be entertained. It’s something to do an
  19. Oh, I think you’re probably right, but I also think that if Tombstone doesn’t kill Smeeeeeee with those first few hits, I think it is at risk of launching itself just like it did against RotatoR and Bite Force last year and five others in years prior. I don’t think Smeeeeeeeeeee could be the one to stop him, but I also doubt he’ll run the table this year.
  20. Looking at some SMEEEEEEEEE fights on YouTube, I think the idea is to be an impenetrable wall that can chase the other bot around and cause it to destroy itself. Interesting concept. The smaller versions in the videos have four wheels on either end, so it might be able to keep going even if it gets cut in half.
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