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  1. It's all he's gotten so far. He's facing considerably more.
  2. On my best possible behavior I will post this with no comment.
  3. Guesstimating that I'll find out when I get the shot in the next ~2-3 weeks. Not sure what the delay between the appointment confirmation and shot is, but expecting I'll have my tracking device implanted with a month
  4. To be clear, I'm ok with law enforcement distinguishing between protestors and trespassers or thieves and instigators or arsonists. I think it's a good thing that 100s of people and not 10,000s of people have been arrested for 1/6. Law enforcement should make those calls. My point was that jon didn't believe in that, at all, until people who believe the same things he does tried to overthrow an election by storming the Capitol while Congress was in session to confirm the electoral college.
  5. So much incredible in this video. Launch is at 10h:24m. ETA: "Rapid Unplanned Disassembly" is my new favorite euphemism.
  6. Sadly, this isn't going to be too far off the mark by the time we get everyone vaccinated at the end of 2021.
  7. Get the first shot you can get and be happy about it IMO. All of them provide fantastic protection against hospitalization and death -- even with one shot.
  8. Yeah, the flu stats are the best argument for the COVID interventions. This thing has killed half a million people in the same year we completely crushed the flu. Without all those efforts the #s would be apocalyptic.
  9. How long before the "Dike to Bayern for 55MM" stories break?
  10. This seems a lot more reasonable than "CA with all its mandates will have more infections and deaths than a free economy and peoples of Texas will bank on it"
  11. Texas has 1,553 deaths per million right now. California has 1,336. And the gap has been growing in recent days. Why would ditching masks and gathering in large groups in Texas turn that around?
  12. Honest officer, I was only in this burning Target to pick up some milk. Had no idea it was being looted!
  13. I agree, mostly. Six months from now we'll be living in a very different world, and I've been super optimistic in a number of COVID posts recently. I think people are overestimating the danger from the variants (ETA: with a vaccination!) and the time to herd immunity, and underestimating potential gains from good weather and etc. There's a lot to feel great about. But IMO reopening everything with no restrictions and signaling that masks aren't needed anymore is a bad mistake and it will kill or maim quite a lot of people who would have made it to September otherwise. 50% capacity in
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