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  1. What the hell? Why would they do this? Like, how does this help them in any way?
  2. Boring James Milner@BoringMilner Jürgen Klopp told me I’m starting in centre-midfield tonight. I said Me? He said Yeah. I said Starting? He said Yeah. I said Starting in centre-midfield? He said Yeah. I said starting in centre-midfield for the second time in three days? He said Yeah. I said Ok.
  3. Dominic King@DominicKing_DM Jurgen Klopp shakes his fist in celebration, turns to walk over to shake hands with Diego Simeone. Simeone rushes off, straight down the tunnel without even looking. Klopp leaves his hand outstretched, has a wry smile then waves in Simeone's direction. Surreal end to a mad night.
  4. We call that a Lamela. Pretty sure Simeone ran straight into the tunnel without any sort of handshake. Maybe wise in terms of staying away from the refs, but still.
  5. I hate Atletico so much. If the Guatemalan National Team and Catenaccio had a baby it would be born with red and white stripes and have the face of Diego Costa.
  6. OMG -- I'm pretty sure the first AM player on the free kick DUMMIES THE BALL FROM FIVE YARDS OFF and wasn't flagged for offside. (Think it was the two runners they called it on.)
  7. Seemed clear on replay. Missed it entirely live and expected something less obvious.
  8. Not involved in the play even though HE HAD TO JUMP OVER THE BALL as it's on the way into the net. This rule is going to kill me.
  9. Nice inflation Q&A from the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank (they're on team transitory).
  10. This one is just an extension of a more general rule: you're not offside if you're behind the ball. And when the ball is on the touch line everyone is behind it.
  11. The Color Purple belongs on this short list IMO -- doing that movie in the 80s, when it wasn't fashionable, is a feather in his cap and it's a fantastic movie. Jaws or Schindler's list for me.
  12. You do that and Trip's gonna have an aneurysm.
  13. Right -- and Scally is in the mix too. I'm fairly sure it would be unprecedented in world football for FOUR full national team starters -- core starters -- to be 18. You see a team every now and then have a phenom who's 18, but never three or four.
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