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  1. He's getting more car to use, but doesn't actually own any of that car via his payments, right? It's 100% rental? ETA: if it helps, I buy used high-end used and then drive them until the wheels fall off. So not exactly a candidate for leasing to begin with, but I've always wondered if any of the leasing payment accrues back to you in some way?
  2. Except he never has any equity in the car, right? I'm cheap so buy 6-8 year old vehicles I'd never be willing to pay for new, but I've always been curious about this.
  3. Operation Warp Speed is a big win. There was a lot more he could have/should have done, but everyone involved deserves credit for us having a vaccine in 12 months. It's unprecedented and will save millions of lives over the next few decades.
  4. It's not crazy at all. They've been doing it for like 140 years. All that's changed is that the Supreme Court made it easier in the 2010s by killing laws that helped prevent voter suppression.
  5. It's 2009 all over again. Light the country on fire with failed policies and then complain that Democrats aren't cleaning up the mess fast enough. The one about the homicidal orphans comes to mind.
  6. Was looking at some highlights just now and with the benefit of hindsight that 13/14 Liverpool team that didn't quite get it done was loaded going forward: front six of Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho, Sterling, Gerrard, Henderson. The back five not so much.
  7. Adams-McKennie-Aaronson is about as good a pure 6-8-10 as we've ever dreamed about IMO. Seems like teams tend to go with two 8s more these days, so maybe not a great idea -- but the roles pick themselves and you'd have mids capable if chipping in with goals.
  8. Didn't see that, but I did read that the NY AG brought a band of forensic accounting killers to help "follow the money".
  9. I'd been wondering if Biden would call off the IRS audit of Trump at long last, so he could release the tax returns himself. It's downright Kafkaesque for Trump to be persecuted by the IRS for five years(!) when all he wanted to do was get these documents released to the public and clear his name. I bet he's pleased that the Supreme Court has ruled we don't have to wait until the audit is done now.
  10. So the answer for us is that it does make the connection more stable. Doesn't do anything for speed, but we have high speed and tons of bandwidth, so making the last jump hard-wired instead of over the air/WIFI was worth it for us. Kid still finds things to yell about while gaming, but lags/latency spikes aren't the cause. Progress? Went with three Google routers (not a router + points) so I could wire each to an ethernet switch and hard-wire stuff out of that in the same rooms. Our speed, coverage and latency are all way better.
  11. He negotiated it. Had his VP savage Ross Perot on live TV to gain support for it. Sent it to Congress to be passed.
  12. These are way more "key passes" than hockey assists. He's in the middle of everything.
  13. Hopefully Morris just did his MCL and not his ACL. I don't think ACLs are typically super painful, so maybe he'll get lucky. Either that or he shredded more than one thing -- which would be awful.
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