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  1. After reading the reactions, I expected to see Wilson kill a man. That doesn't seem like much by hockey standards.
  2. Stolen from the Internet: "It's amazing how Poch has recreated Spurs' culture at PSG so quickly."
  3. I'll see your 1324 cases of fraud and raise you 10,000,000 voters over the same period (2008-2020) who didn't have an ID. That's using .5% of voters without an ID x 2,000,000,000 total votes (feel free to update using your own estimates). And that doesn't count people who didn't go to vote at all because they didn't have ID -- it's only actual voters. i.e., at a minimum, there would be roughly 7,500 people prevented from voting for every proven case of fraud that might have been averted.
  4. How many votes do you think have been cast in the USA over the last 12 years? Billions? It's just not a problem that requires a massive overhaul of elections in a state or the country.
  5. This seems wildly misleading on the surface. Cases are falling fast almost everywhere, and kids are increasingly the only ones who haven't been vaxxed. So it makes perfect sense the share of cases they comprise would be rising. Even if the number of cases was flat (or declining) overall.
  6. What's the narrow strip of beach south of the Sea Caves and north of Dinosaur Cove called? Is that all Shell Beach? Is it worth seeing? And what's the vibe as you head south from Pismo to Oceano?
  7. I think he and LdlT are probably fighting for one spot. Assuming Acosta is the b/u #6.
  8. Damn. You can't teach this kind of contact. Cade Cowell and Caden Clark going to mess me up for the foreseeable future though.
  9. ◼️ We're staying at Avila for a couple nights in July. ETA: we're planning to see everything from Avila down to Oceano while we're there to scout for a retirement snowbird kind of thing. It's a while off, but I've never been to the central coast and like what I can see about the triangle from Morro Bay to SLO to Oceano quite a bit on paper.
  10. If you saw this guy and didn't know he was recently President of the USA, what would you think? Personally, I'd wonder where the guys with the coats that fasten in the back were.
  11. Late 2019 you say? Partisan witch hunt! Be a shame if the period of surveillance included 1/6.
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