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  1. Is there any reason to assume she wasn't still there? I assumed the sandals were there because she took them off to get in the van and closed the door herself. But maybe that's not right with the timeline?
  2. I mean... how many people know people that would carry the phone of a suspected murderer to Puerto Rico and chuck in the ocean? My Rolodex doesn't have a section for Fixers.
  3. Wasn't really against Elder, but yeah. If people vote in CA Dems win.
  4. Ronaldo needs to wait for the contact to throw himself over. If he runs until contact he has one PK for sure, and maybe two.
  5. It's mind-boggling that the states who were destroyed in March-May of 2020 are now being passed.
  6. xG disagrees, suggests 3-1 was a fair score. Didn't feel like that kind of game at all watching it. Would have guessed all those chances Palace had in the box where Alisson disrupted or saved the shot would have added up.
  7. Assume that's Lens supporters charging the away fans?
  8. EPL winner odds are wild... City - 38% Chelsea - 27% Liverpool - 21% United - 14%
  9. Despite being given 8(!) minutes of Pep Time, City held at home by Soton.
  10. Not sure I've ever seen a 3-0 match where the winning GK was man of the match. "Scoreline flatters Liverpool" is an understatement.
  11. Speaking of Milner, he could easily be off. Both the fouls on Zaha seemed yellowish.
  12. James Milner smoking Gallagher from 3 yards on the restart. 🧡 GTFO of the way. Etcheverry used to do that a few times a season for DCU and I've always wondered why more players don't do it when someone's encroaching on the restart to slow it down. ETA: @El Floppo or anyone else who played at a high level -- why don't more players do this? Just crush it right at the guy if he's blocking a free kick restart?
  13. Sounds like the advisory panel is going to vote against approving boosters for 16+ and have FDA come back to them with a narrower question around boosters for older people. From the sound of things there's dissatisfaction with the data Pfizer is presenting.
  14. We also know that deaths from flu and several other things are down. So I was netting those "not COVID" things out to be zero, but that could be wrong (either way). Regardless of whether it's COVID directly or not, those things above (not seeing a doctor, deaths of despair, etc) are COVID-related.
  15. Also from the FDA's conference today, the Israeli case for boosters: Chart 1 Chart 2
  16. The loss at Mainz was not great, but losing v Bayern, @ Wolfsburg, @ Man City really shouldn't get you fired.
  17. Update, from todays CDC's presentation: This sort of gradient, where older, first vaxxed folks are getting breakthrough cases at a higher rate than younger, later-vaxxed people is what you'd expect to see if the vax is waning. Not having the data is unfortunate.
  18. So, in summary. The suit lost in court like the 1985 Pats to the Bears, the person bringing the suit was literally sent back to lawyer school for remedial training, and the state of Kansas had to pay the ACLU $1.9MM. IOW, par for the "vote fraud" course.
  19. Excess deaths in the US for 2020 and 2021 are well above the official COVID deaths. And that number is solid -- it doesn't require anyone to classify anything. We know how many people typically die in a year, and we know how many actually died. The CDC has a good dash on this. If you exclude COVID deaths, the estimated excess deaths since 2/1/20 are between 69k and 211k -- midpoint of 140k. i.e. the true total is probably pushing 800k, or 1 in every 400 Americans at this point.
  20. Fun with Champions League group standings (since 2014/2015): 11+ points - going thru 10 points - 12/14 went thru 9 points - 7/13 went thru 8 points - 7/13 went thru <8 points - going home
  21. I thought he sat the defender down on the 2nd goal, but then saw the guy tripped over his teammate.
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