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  1. I see enough to give this a try. I like some variety in draft strategery. Thanks brother.
  2. Lem do you still have that keeper league spot open? Interested if so.

    1. Lemmy


      Yes I do. 

      Send me your email address and I can set you up. 



  3. I play about 50 a game during football season. I have received a $50 free play for being one of the first to settle up my account at RB. I have an account at SB.com and have always been paid just as quick or quicker w Howard's book when it's time for me to collect Just my .02 cents I find RB as trustworthy a book as you will find
  4. I am sure it has been mentioned but the new Netflix series Derek is really good. Especially if you like Ricky Gervais. He plays the mentally challenged nursing home worker well. Solid supporting cast. Funny, touching, and moving at times. Really liked it. 3.5/5
  5. OK I hope Bernie is good. If not back to watch seasons 1,3, and 4 of The Wire for the 100th time.
  6. Would have been better off making this a spoof of all the current Ghost shows. 1/5
  7. Damn. I didn't expect to have my mind changed on him...but I might throw a couple deals around. He looked really good against NYG in the opener, and I do trust his talent.I wish the guy ran as hard and fast at OU. He would have won a Heisman. He seems to have gotten faster. I think he is a definite hold for a few more weeks. Some softer run Ds coming up. Also it helps when Romo isn't throwing 5 ints and they are playing from behind.
  8. Good points. Way too early to say he isnt' a RB1 type. He has faced some nasty run Ds.
  9. Might have already been said but that thing couldn't even pull itself out of the mud earlier. I seldom look for flaws in shows or movies as I want to enjoy them but this really bothered me.Couldn't hold on to Carl either.But they have bony fingers!The zombies aren't exactly stealthy from what I can tell either. Always groaning and screaming. In a dead quiet field was Dale so distracted by cow guts that he couldn't hear the swamp zombie until the zombie was on top of him? Not buying it. The show is losing me. Get back to the good stuff. Rick trapped under the tank surrounded by zombies! Time to leave the farm boys and girls. Was anyone else cheering for swamp zombie to finish off Carl?
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