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  1. He's good, but when it comes to TE's that is kind of my point. The difference between him at #6 and the #15 ranked TE is about 30 points over a season. I just don't think it is worth overpaying for that minimal amount of production considering how much cheaper the other options will be. Obviously Kelce is in a tier of his own right now.
  2. I was really high on this guy but he should no longer be considered an elite TE option going forward, although he continues to be ranked as one. He'll have a few good games but is not consistent enough, and won't be worth his asking price in next year's drafts.
  3. The Bears just punted away any chance they might have had of a comeback, as unlikely as it would have been.
  4. Yes, it is a done deal, Fuller has issued a statement apologizing and accepting the suspension and stating he will be back in 2021. Completely droppable in redraft.
  5. Understood, I was replying to the post that said he has gotten either 100 yards or a TD in every start, which he hasn't I also don't think I will be comfortable starting him this week even if he is active but I'll wait for more news to come out.
  6. Week 8 he started and got zero, I need to know he is healthy before risking that again.
  7. Sounds like this "newbie" might be better at evaluating player talent than you are. CEH isn't much more than a desperation start at this point, even if he goes down I wouldn't expect much out of Bell. As for Golladay, I have been holding him all year hoping he gets healthy but can understand owners giving up on him at this point, especially in a shorter bench league. I'll have trouble starting him until I see he is actually healthy and by then the season might be over.
  8. Rodgers sat on the bench as a backup for 3 years before he started. The idea that Tua needs to be rushed into games this year or he won't develop is just wrong, playing him before he is ready could do more harm than good, perhaps even stunt his growth, and he could clearly use more time developing in practice right now.
  9. It is better for both Miami's chances this season, and Tua's long-term development, if Fitz starts the rest of the year. However, Miami's management seems to be set on sabotaging both.
  10. Assuming healthy: Cook Henry Kamara Gibson Hines Jacobs Robinson Gallman R. Jones A. Jones Chubb McCaffrey (or Davis if he is out) Drake Carson Ekeler Zeke Mostert Gaskin Connor Gore A few of those are close, there are some not on the list are close too. I have low expectations for CEH going forward and consider him a complete bust, not much more than a desperation start at this point assuming you have no other options at RB, unless he gets another good matchup in another
  11. why should the 20+ teams that are not having any problems have to take next week off? I'm still surprised the NFL didn't just plan for a week 18 from the start, but it still would be really easy to push any necessary make up games to a week 18.
  12. He knew exactly what he was doing and was hoping to get away with it for a big contract next year, but he got caught. He probably figured it was worth the risk, can't say I blame him when the potential payoff is huge, and the downside is probably a similar contract to what he would have gotten otherwise.
  13. Tonight, Bruce Arians, head coach of the Arizona Cardinals chose to kick a field goal from the 4 yard line while down 18 points in the 4th quarter. I thought NFL coaches were supposed to understand the game? I mean, how do people who are so incompetent get these jobs that pay millions of dollars per year? I really feel like acts like this should be a fireable offense, similar to how John Fox cost the Broncos any chance in the playoffs last year (2012), yet he still has a job too. I made a post similar to this in the Seahawks-Cardinals game thread tonight, but thought it could make a good
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