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  1. uh oh diggs was hopping on his ankle after that tackle, hopefully he is fine
  2. I wish we knew what Cincinnati considers to be a normal workload for Mixon. Is it the workload we think he should be getting in a juicy matchup against Detroit, or a lesser workload similar to what the team has been giving him so far? I think there is too much other value at RB this week for me to take another chance with Mixon, which probably means he will get a full workload and blow up.
  3. I have been correctly telling everyone what Shanny will do since week 1, we know Hasty is above Sermon on the depth chart, and Wilson will be too when he comes back. There have not been any Shannigans going on, just people who have refused to believe the truth that was being told to them and continue with their own pre-draft fantasies.
  4. Hasty is expected back after the bye, which will bump Sermon down another spot in the pecking order.
  5. They said the same thing last year, and he only ended up playing 1 more week the rest of the entire season. I have no idea what to expect at this point. The only thing I am sure on, is you cannot trust any of the medical news coming out of Carolina.
  6. Bartending might be a good job while you figure out what you want to do (or even longer-term if you end up liking it), lots of places are looking to hire that are willing to train right now and you should be able to average $20-$30/hour+ pretty much right from the start. Also, don't be afraid to try some of the ideas that you seem to be rejecting, such as some of the other ideas in this thread. You aren't doing anything else so it doesn't hurt to try something, and you can always quit if you don't like it and won't be any worse off than you are now.
  7. I don't think so, he was only a desperation start before the injury and will be even more so now. Even before the injury, his usage was on pace to decline for the third or fourth week in a row. Williams and McKinnon will continue to get more usage even if CEH is healthy.
  8. a couple more weeks like this and he will be droppable, hopefully he and the team can get something going
  9. Knox is looking like a top 5 TE going forward, I'm really regretting not picking him up when I could have a couple weeks ago
  10. It has not been any secret that Mitchell is the clear RB1 when healthy. Today's usage should not have surprised anyone. However, I think having Lance instead of Jimmy G at QB will hurt all SF RB's going forward.
  11. shark move is to drop so he wastes a spot on someone else's roster
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