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  1. After watching Hard Knocks last night (and I have to be careful because the editing can often skew reality), I came away feeling that SJAX's heart doesn't really seem to be in it. That he's accomplished what he set out to accomplish as a football player and is already looking on to the next chapter in his life. If he does get injured during the season I can't see him rushing himself back for the sake of contributing. Football isn't the end-all/be-all for him anymore (see Arian Foster). After watching I downgraded SJAX quite a bit and will not be drafting him unless he slips much farther than I expect he will in my league. That being said, I'm not sure Devonta is the answer. I couldn't believe how small he looked (and he's not a compact, powerful small). If/when SJAX does go down, I can't see Mike Smith turning over the keys to this kid in 2014. I think it will be a RBBC that I will not want any part of.
  2. I see a 30 for 30 movie in about 20 years. It could go one of two ways. First Harbaugh leaves and goes to the Jaguars, Browns or something and takes that team to new heights and the 49er's fall back into obscurity or second Harbaugh leaves and flops as a coach and the 49ers continue to be one of the NFL's best franchises. Either way I will watch it. Edit: Actually it could go a 3rd way where both Harbaugh and the 49er's fall flat on their faces. What if I told you that two men that couldn't stand each other, should have stayed together. Door #3. Go Hawks!
  3. I got to agree, the oline has imporved but the QB play has stayed the same. Lol, yeah because he was dreadful in the 1st preseason game. Or at all last year....Exactly. He's horrible because he didn't shred the SF defense. Every QB eats them up.
  4. Reported on Rotoworld.... When addressing the Dolphins' backfield, GM Jeff Ireland said "I don’t think it’s just going to be Lamar (Miller)'s position." "We’ve got a good running back in Daniel Thomas that’s certainly making some noise," insisted Ireland. Thomas has averaged 3.0 YPC in the preseason and 3.54 YPC in his career. Miller is averaging 6.75 YPC in August, and posted a 4.90 yards-per-carry clip as a rookie. Ireland believes Thomas and Miller "will each have a breakout season," and called them "a pretty good one-two punch."
  5. Yeah, the commentary from Rotoworld has been pretty bad lately. They definitely have "their' guys that they pimp. Rotoworld is a good site for breaking news but their analysis is very biased.
  6. Pretty sure it's not until right before the season starts. New NFL Injured/Reserve (IR) Rule So Friday Aug 31st is the deadline?
  7. Does anybody know the NFL deadline to declare players that will enter the season on the PUP list (i.e. miss the first 6 games)? I'm curious to when this info is public to see when it coincides with fantasy draft dates. Thanks.
  8. Nice... Probably not the bump Finley was looking for
  9. Yeah and pair one of them with Blount and Hillis.
  10. The best receiver in the game, a pass-happy coach, no running game, and a dome.
  11. I'm not a doctor, but Jene Bramel is, so I defer to his expertise on this one:http://bramelsecondopinion.com/2013/01/15/how-likely-was-rob-gronkowskis-second-arm-fracture/ I think your accurate crystal ball comment really sums it up for me. Frankly, would I be shocked if Gronk got a DUI? Not really. If you told me that an NFL player would go missing for two weeks and resurface in a Mexican prison, would Gronk be one of the first names I guessed? He sure would. But these are astronomically small risks, IMO. We might as well start downgrading players because they play the lottery, and if they win, they're likely to retire. My crystal ball is nowhere near accurate enough for me to believe that incorporating wild suppositions about a stranger's character would improve the quality of my predictions. Especially since a fondness for partying is rather common among his age group, and almost always declines naturally with time. Punishing him in rankings for being immature seems bass-ackwards- since when is youth a negative in dynasty rankings?As I mentioned, it seems the biggest strike against Gronk is the broken arm. My thoughts on that are largely shaped on what Bramel says- the recovery period seems reasonable, the second break was likely a perfect storm, an offseason to heal should alleviate any remaining issues.
  12. I agree that Hernandez is a clear step back from Gronk, but few players in the league are as dangerous with the ball in their hands. I like him a lot- he's basically a WR that you can start at TE. I wouldn't take him in the second, but I'd be happy to get him in the mid-to-late 3rd.Ding, Ding, Ding...
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