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  1. Finally a CB... Rachad Greyturkey, from Wisconsin. He is WAY down the list of best available CBs. I wonder what the team saw in him to pull the trigger.
  2. They just fixed it. Someone in "the truck" must've been like "Oh ####, the Bills are on the clock?!?! We've been showing the Texans. 😆
  3. The Bills and Texans made a trade like 2 hours ago and NFLN still hasn't updated their draft order ticker.
  4. I'm well into my 40's, so similar... She's definitely doing well for herself, though. Good for her.
  5. No doubt. I LOVE Meinerz. I so wish the Bill's took him. I think you have a stud.
  6. Not sure yet. Now that I actually look... I'm out.
  7. Mother.... I hate Ronnie Perkins to NE, as a Bills fan.
  8. But... Great offense? I'm a bit hesitant on that. Will it be Jimmy or Trey? If Trey, might he struggle for a bit?
  9. I love the attention to the OL. But, I really wish it was Meinerz. I think that guy is a future probowler.
  10. I don't get all the WR picks by teams that don't really need them. I feel like there's been 5-ish that were curious.
  11. Totally agree. Their current regime of DEs are long in the tooth (sans Epenesa). I don't mind planning for the future, but they also need to add to the starting lineup to take the next step this year.
  12. Like the Tremble pick by Car. I feel like the Ravens should have found a way to get him. He would have fit their offense perfectly.
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