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  1. Why would you not give it to Henry 4 plays in a row, if needed.
  2. I watched the replay a few times... Very odd. He just kind of dove into the pile and didn't make any signifiacnt contact. Best I can tell is maybe a glancing blow from a leg or something off his helmet that tweaked his neck, or brain bag just enough...
  3. Yeah. Watching the play live I didn't see much contact. Guessing it might be more of a tweak or catching a joint awkwardly, etc., which is usually a worse injury than a collision injury.
  4. Wow. Tre White held fairly egregiously on that Henry TD.
  5. Ugh... I hope it isn't one of these games where a team hangs around and ends up winning it at the end.
  6. A tribute? We're doing in game tributes, now? Seems shady... Like I said earlier... Cute.
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