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  1. Yeah, I totally agree. I think it should be closer to maybe 7.5-8.5, but even so, still a fairly safe pick.
  2. It sure didn't take long this year to get into Thursday night snoozers... Amirite?
  3. I went with Cle and GB to have big bounce-back games. If not for having more juicy games later I'd have no problem going with TB this week, as well.
  4. I'm incredibly unimpressed by Damien Williams tonight. Do they have no better options? (No offense, if you are reading this Damien.)
  5. Lol. I loved that movie. Can't believe I missed that reference. I suspect I should rewatch it. It's probably been 20 years...
  6. Henderson and Higbee moving at the same time and Higbee never got set before the snap. Pretty big no-call, IMO.
  7. That should have been an illegal shift penalty.
  8. Why is the material in the Bears' pants not a little thicker? It's like a disturbing version of a white tee shirt contest with some of these guys.
  9. Heh, I've seen/heard it a million times on NFLN lately, and yeah, I guess I don't know what the message is...
  10. Yeah, definitely looked like it. Just wondering if this is a new normal, or maybe just a SNF thing...
  11. What's up with the pylon at the first down marker? New this year? Has this been in every game? I just noticed...
  12. WTF...!?!? Anyone else in some sort of loop between the game a Little Caesar's commercial and a Ceasar's sportsbook commercial?
  13. I'm starting to feel good about my LAR survivor pick...
  14. Allen should have aborted that play when the DB didn't follow the jet-sweep action.
  15. Easily could have been a penalty on Johnson on that pass to Ebron.
  16. He's really not sharp right now. I was worried about this sort of start, had they kept him on the shelf all preseason, but he played that last game and looked awesome in that game, so a bit surprised by this start.
  17. I may have missed that. I just saw a bit of hand battling at the top of the route.
  18. The deep pass to Diggs or the one to Sanders... The Sanders one was a bad throw. The Diggs one was a bad decision. The Safety was way too close. Had he thrown it way to the outside with some air under it, Diggs might have been able to track it down.
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