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  1. That she turned into what she once organized protests against. There's no Sinema thread (that I could find) so I put it here
  2. Voted no because I don't think it should be a nationwide mandate but I have zero problems with healthcare facilities, schools and anyone who works with the vulnerable population having a mandate. If you're at a desk working in accounting or shipping boxes in a warehouse I don't know if it should be mandatory for employment.
  3. Also this... https://twitter.com/briankrebs/status/1445077617426718725
  4. Source at Facebook: "it's mayhem over here, all internal systems are down too." Tells me employees are communicating amongst each other by text and by Outlook email. https://twitter.com/PhilipinDC/status/1445108187355566086
  5. It's pro wrestling kayfabe. Manchin is the heel who does the job to get the Face over. The rest of the democrats can go out and tell everyone how they're going to do X and Y progressive policies (knowing full well it's not going to happen) and then come back and tell their constituents that they tried everything but big bad Joe Manchin foiled them again. Then he's in a state where Trump won heavily so there really won't be too much blowback on his career.
  6. I'd be thrilled to get rid of her here. The 21st is very red so I imagine they'd be willing to roll the dice on it.
  7. and a massive cut of this all goes to the consultant class who just fundraises off the boogie monsters in the other party
  8. I don't think Trump so much convinced people not to trust the media but instead he realized that a lot of people didn't trust the media already, saw an opportunity and capitalized on it by leaning heavily into it.
  9. Last day... feel like I should go downtown and waive goodbye
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