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  1. Right, she tweeted more than Trump by like 40%... plenty of room for trolling everyone. Manchin mentioned her statements about Sanders specifically.
  2. Yup, she had some real battles. Pretty much leading the charge against the "bros"
  3. Neera Tanden getting her cabinet position hopes shot down for being a Twitter troll against the left, by one of the Senators they were fighting against is easily the most satisfying outcome of this administration so far. https://apnews.com/article/biden-cabinet-hillary-clinton-confirmation-hearings-media-social-media-7e64693263b947006458c09cd3698881
  4. Lord knows I'm not the biggest fan of the guy but it was sure nice to see a president and not be all tense. Here's hoping for the best in the next few years... hope he surprises the heck out of me.
  5. It's back up (kind of) now... https://www.state.gov/biographies/donald-j-trump-2/ I'm stunned they use Wordpress on this site, but basically they deleted the original but it's sitting in trash so WP automatically tags it with a -2. Sloppy work 😄
  6. Buzzfeed is saying it was a disgruntled staffer that did it, but that seems like a lame way to get fired and investigated.
  7. I have a friend like that as well... REALLY intelligent guy who I would have Berniecrat vs Trumper debates with all the time. He's gone completely off the damn deep end, especially this past week with the "it was really ANTIFA in disguise" stuff. I used to think nobody loved a good conspiracy theory more than me, but then Q came along and... damn
  8. Josh Bell ---> Nats Eddy Yean & Wil Crowe ---> Pirates Sounds like Crowe is just ok but this Yean kid sounds like he has some real upside.
  9. I'll happily vote for her if she challenges Schumer or Gillibrand... especially Schumer. She and Nan can chum it up about the Green Dream or whatever
  10. Wish he would challenge for Governor, but now is certainly not a good time for that.
  11. Totally agree. It'll never happen though of course.
  12. I got one of these outdoor smart plugs last year and it's been great with my Google Home Minis. I have the inflatables on one plug and the lights on another plug so I can keep the lights on if it's too windy for the inflatables.
  13. Yea really... I mean I know people don't want to pay more taxes but if I paid more in taxes but my health insurance bill went away I would be thrilled and would probably end up saving money. I feel like Sanders really did a poor job of making that point and it would have helped him a lot.
  14. I mean to be honest most people agree with it, even Republicans in larger than expected numbers. That's why I find it so ironic that the "news" networks spend so much time beating it down. Surely has nothing with drug and healthcare advertisers on every commercial blocks.
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