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  1. I don't think Trump so much convinced people not to trust the media but instead he realized that a lot of people didn't trust the media already, saw an opportunity and capitalized on it by leaning heavily into it.
  2. Last day... feel like I should go downtown and waive goodbye
  3. Google Pixel phones do a really good job of filtering that type of stuff. If one gets through there's a "Screen Call" option where a robot voice talks to them and transcribes it to you to see if you want to pick it up. Usually the screen call thing just upsets them and they hang up, which makes me happy.
  4. I agree, it's far too red here (upstate NY) and the rest of the state swoons over the quasi-Republican "Moderate" Democrats every time. Schumer would surely beat her for the Senate. The only reason she *might* have a chance at Governor is only because there's not a clear stand out candidate, but I still doubt it.
  5. Oh yea I totally agree. When I said tiny fraction I just meant the number of people coming across (total) vs the number of people who live here who aren't vax'd. Based on what I've seen I would assume the majority of people in most countries aren't vaxed. Too bad really, we probably could have at least knocked it down if we did it all at once globally, even if we don't want to do it here.
  6. Yea I mean I'm not saying he's wrong about the covid rate (and I do agree immigration is a problem that I have no idea how to solve) but it just seems like he's just giving cover to the 40% of people who won't get vaxed here because a tiny fraction of that amount of people are coming across the border unvaxed. Basically just seems like a modified version of blaming immigrants for job losses instead of the billionaires who offshored them so everyone can just scream "they took our jobs"
  7. I've completely avoided politics since the election (it's wonderful... highly recommend) but today I had the "privilege" of listening to about 10 mins of Hannity's radio show today. Multiple times in just that short bit he mentioned the COVID rate amongst immigrants being 50%+ and how we need to do something about them. He stopped short of flat out blaming immigrants for covid being bad again but I'm curious... is that the new dog whistle?
  8. Highly recommend this recipe - Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Use it with whatever vegetables you like or have on hand... we make it with rice and I like to mix them together
  9. Since COVID started the Corning Tower in Albany has said "NY TOUGH" spelled out in lights. Yesterday someone changed it... the building to the left is the Capitol Building where Cuomo works 🤣
  10. We've had a hell of a run with governors 🤦‍♂️
  11. I guess we'll find out in future efforts. I'd be happy to be surprised by them.
  12. Could be just a negotiating ploy, you're right and it's not a terrible move but from my perspective it seemed like an effort to get progressive votes to hold their nose and vote for "not Trump" before inevitably going back to where they've always been.
  13. So happy to say I've never voted for that guy. I always find it strange that I don't know a single person who actually likes him here and most of my circle leans democrat, but he always wins in a total romp. Glad to see the rest of the country is getting to see the ugly side after the "Cuomo should be our president" nonsense last year. If you keep digging on him you'll find a lot of "smoke" around corruption as well.
  14. Right, she tweeted more than Trump by like 40%... plenty of room for trolling everyone. Manchin mentioned her statements about Sanders specifically.
  15. Yup, she had some real battles. Pretty much leading the charge against the "bros"
  16. Neera Tanden getting her cabinet position hopes shot down for being a Twitter troll against the left, by one of the Senators they were fighting against is easily the most satisfying outcome of this administration so far. https://apnews.com/article/biden-cabinet-hillary-clinton-confirmation-hearings-media-social-media-7e64693263b947006458c09cd3698881
  17. Lord knows I'm not the biggest fan of the guy but it was sure nice to see a president and not be all tense. Here's hoping for the best in the next few years... hope he surprises the heck out of me.
  18. It's back up (kind of) now... https://www.state.gov/biographies/donald-j-trump-2/ I'm stunned they use Wordpress on this site, but basically they deleted the original but it's sitting in trash so WP automatically tags it with a -2. Sloppy work 😄
  19. Buzzfeed is saying it was a disgruntled staffer that did it, but that seems like a lame way to get fired and investigated.
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