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  1. Tebow restricts the offense in a lot of ways, but he also opens up a lot of things in the offense. Would McGahee really have ran for 165 (most of it untouched) vs Oakland without Tebow under center? Highly unlikely.
  2. The key to FF is predicting the future. Otherwise the best players wind up on other people's rosters.I was saying that if Lafell didn't put up numbers when his QB threw for 900 yards over 2 games, then under what circumstances is he going to put up numbers?This is chess not checkers
  3. his qb just threw for almost 900 yards and lafell put up nothing great...i'm not buying him right now
  4. me thinks more 8 in the box for Ingram with your best WR out 4+ weeks. I see more passing attempts as everyone will try stop the running game with Colston outYou think teams are going put in 8 the box against Drew Brees? LOL
  5. Ingram > Beanie this week, season, career
  6. http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80a5bbc6 At around 2:05 is CJ's goalline TD run. He puts his shoulder down and bulls over Abdul Hodge before going into the endzone. Impressive short yardage run.
  7. Marshall Faulk 5'10" 211lbPrest Holmes 5'9" 213lbGlad to see these names in here...:no:I have the 7 in a 20 team dynasty on Monday night and hope that he or Rice is there.CJ is 5'11" 200 lbsthe 10-15 lbs is actually a pretty BIG difference
  8. Frank Wychek was on Mike and Murray today talking about the Titans (he works for them now) and he said a few interesting things about CJ. He called CJ "Curtis Martin with 2 jetpacks on his back". Said that CJ is not just a receiver and someone who runs "Reggie Bush" type plays. He said he is a between the tackles runner as well. Also, he said that he expects CJ to be much more than just a 10-15 touch per game guy. I wish I had a transcript but this is just what I remember from listening in the car a few hours ago.
  9. I don't see how this means that his hype is reaching ridiculous proportions.
  10. His value is rising quickly. I had a 12 team redraft .5 ppr draft today and he went at 7.04. And had I known that, I would have taken him at 6.10. So, round 6 seems like the new safe zone if you really want him.
  11. It is? Yes, I think it is. I am not trying to make any accusations and I think the article was informative and possibly even fascinating. However, I find it interesting that, for instance, two of the most prolific WRs in NFL history--Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss--are located in the far corners of the "slight body" box on the graph we're talking about. I think I would have given more credence to the study if one of the concluions was that Randy Moss is a stick-thin freak of nature whose career stats defy the study's logic. Instead the box appears tailored to fit him in.That is a good point, but I think it was still interesting to see how most of the WRs were grouped near each other, and most notorious busts were grouped near each other.
  12. Steve Smith doesn't look like what a WR "should" look like, but he is one of the best in the league.The range of successful WR body types is pretty large. I don't harp on the importance of BMI nearly as much at that position.FO and PFP has some articles that seem to prove that BMI is important with WRs, and not important with RBs. Not saying it is right, but they make a convincing argument.
  13. :shrug:I love when people base their opinions on a couple exercises at the combine and ignore a couple years of film. That's how you draft a Michael Bennett and miss on a Ladainian Tomlinson or Emmitt Smith.Doesn't make much sense. LT had good combine stats. He ran a 4.46 at 221 lbs. That's impressive. Emmitt Smith is the exception, not the rule. Stop turning this into a Felix Jones thread please, ty.
  14. My thoughts also, keep the Johnson hype going, I take White later with his 1000 yards and 8/9 TD'sI think White and CJ can coexist and thrive just like Deuce and Bush 2 years ago.Exactly. I think a two back system is a great one to have.Not only is it a 2 back system but it seems to me as if they will have 2 different roles.That's what I meant by a two back system. One back that does one thing, and another back that does another.On the same Sirius show, Lendale was interviewed. He said he was excited to have CJ around. He said there will be plenty of carries to go around, and compared the situation to he and Reggie Bush in college, where they both put up monster yards and TDs. In PPR, I can see both of these guys being RB2 territory come mid-year end, once the Titans O hits their stride.I agree with this. I think Lendale is a bit safer, and CJ has a higher ceiling but in the end they could very well end up with around the same value (lower end RB2 this year imo).
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