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  1. It's a NASCAR thing. You wouldnt get it. It's not a NASCAR thing. It's a conservative thing. There was a guy named Brandon who won a NASCAR race. As he was being interviewed afterwards, the fans started chanting "Eff Joe Biden!" The reporter tried to spin it by saying "They're chanting 'Let's go Brandon!'" Since then, conservatives have used the chant of "Let's go Brandon!" as a Pepe-esque meme. If confronted with accusations that the chant is just code for "Eff Joe Biden," a conservative can simply say, with a straight face, "Oh no, not at all. We're just trolling the media and people who THINK that it's code for Eff Joe Biden!" Which itself is a troll. And a distraction. Which is kind of the point.
  2. I've done some soccer officiating and I'm friends with several active referees. What I've noticed is that there tends to be a lot of leeway given to players who push "on the ball" but not so much leeway given to retaliatory shoves -- even if you're using the shoulder.
  3. Maybe they don't see themselves as being overweight because the definition of "overweight" was created by the same scientific community that is telling them that COVID is a threat?
  4. Totally OK with it as long as that particular church starts paying taxes.
  5. LOL, I guess you have @Ramblin Wreck on ignore.
  6. But didn't you hear? White people aren't allowed to make that same joke, and that makes some people angry.
  7. It's bad strategy to kick the XP when up by 9 at the end of the 4th quarter. The correct strategy is to take a knee, thus eliminating the possibility of the opponent reducing the deficit to 7 points by scoring on a blocked kick return.
  8. Does Greenwald vigorously defend the free speech right of the liberal media to not invite him onto their programs? And does Greenwald simultaneously criticize conservative media for refusing to promote his RINO counterparts?
  9. But it hasn't always been, and shouldn't be. This isn't a sides thing and this is becoming a common everyday thing. Someone is going to end up hurt/dead. People shouldn't be going to private residences, restrooms, bothering politician's families etc. If you want to argue that Biden's quote wasn't condemny enough for you, that's fair. But let's not pretend that politicians have never been harassed, hurt, or killed before.
  10. Still. Where is one insurrection conviction. What do you put the over/under at. Strange to be proud of such a low bar for Trump supporters.
  11. The same page of the thread also has discussion of a guy who pled guilty to assaulting the police. But those facts tend to skew the narrative and disrupt the strategy.
  12. I think you're being overly speculative here.
  13. Do the inferior players play the same position as your daughter? One thing that I've noticed is that some coaches tend to dole out playing time based on position, not talent. So, a backup forward is more likely to get playing time (compared to a backup CDM) because the position requires less skill. It's fine if the goal is to make parents happy and to give mediocre players a memory they can tell their kids, but it tends to stifle player development.
  14. Biden supposedly picked up votes Meh, everyone knows that the auditors were just a bunch of NINOs. (Ninjas In Name Only)
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