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  1. Mickelson: "Is it too late to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?" (not a real quote)
  2. I see this reported everywhere on Twitter, but nothing that looks like it came from Ch2. Did you actually see it? Does seem to be a lot of chatter than an announcement is pending. Apparently the source is one of WESH's reporters. I hope her source is legit.
  3. I hate to stereotype Orlando but the front page of Channel 2's website has TWO stories about pitbulls, one of which involves a pitbull that ate a bag of crack cocaine.
  4. No news is very, very, very bad news. If there was the slightest bit of movement or sign of consciousness, it would have been mentioned.
  5. Same boat. Have Phi and KC leaning Phi cause Haskins is terrible. Philly was hot garbage yesterday. I am giving serious consideration to starting Buffalo against the Patriots next week.
  6. I thought I had it all figured out with Philly, but they were so abysmal this week that I'm having second thoughts. I also have Buffalo, and I grabbed KC off the WW. I feel like KC is finally gaining some momentum. And Drew Lock is going to regress now that other teams have game film of him.
  7. I know, right? I'm old enough to remember when this clip was used to criticize Russian appeasement.
  8. Is that what you call it? It's a fair description. "Charisma" is a common trait often found in con men, fraudulent televangelists, and dictators.
  9. Wait... you thought Trump intended for that picture to be humorous?
  10. Ah, BI has "left center" bias. With a "high" rating for "factual reporting". Meanwhile, the Media Bias Chart puts Business Insider almost exactly at dead center -- on par with Forbes and Fortune, and to the right of the BBC, all of them being in the category of "Most Reliable For News".
  11. No one said equal When someone says "bias for bias", and refuse to qualify either side of the equation, I take it that the reader is supposed to interpret that as being code for "a tiny amount of unspecified bias for a large amount of very specific bias".
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