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  1. Install an overhead heater, then hang a clothesline underneath it. Wa-la.
  2. Paperboy 2000 was great, because they repurposed the Landmaster vehicle from the 1977 cult classic Damnation Alley
  3. Imagine a segment of the population that is susceptible to conspiracy theories and the power of suggestion. Imagine those same people becoming fed up with media sources and leaders who fail to reinforce or validate their feelings and their worldview. Then imagine those same people being drawn towards other media sources -- which not only validate their feelings, but specifically cater to them and cultivate those feelings, driving home the theme of distrusting the "outside" world. Then imagine a perpetual cycle of consuming only those alternate media sources, then regurgitating the info with li
  4. The only reason I logged on tonight was to see if @wikkidpissah had anything to say about original SNL writer Anne Beatts.
  5. I felt nothing for the first 10 minutes. Then a sudden warmness in my arm. Then mild soreness for the next 24 hours, which I mostly didn't even notice except when I slept on it.
  6. I was just thinking about you the other day. I hope your wife is doing OK. Speaking of which.....you should probably tell your wife sooner rather than later. You need people on your side who will help you fight this, and your wife is going to be your #1 supporter.
  7. i'm afraid i'm with John Mulaney on SVU - 1:50 John Mulaney has ruined SVU for me.
  8. 1.I lean towards J&J because it's just one shot. Also, we're probably all going to need a booster in 3 months (and maybe 3 months after that) and I'd think that J&J would be much more convenient for that process. 2. please post more!
  9. If your grandparents (and their parents) weren't recent immigrants, then it should be very easy to find them in the censuses. You can start by creating a free account at FamilySearch, then check their shared tree (here) to see if someone already entered your grandparents -- enter their name, approximate DOB, and spouse, then click Find. If they haven't been added to the shared tree, then you could still find them if you know where they were living in 1940/1930/1920/etc.; go here and search for "United States Census" in the search box on the left, then just work your way backwards.
  10. Ancestry, FamilySearch, and FindAGrave are my go-to sites. WikiTree, geni, and rootsweb have good material as well, but a lot of it is out of date. I've basically hit a glass ceiling when it comes to my tree, so lately I've been amusing myself by cataloging all of the uncles and 1st cousins who were in the Civil War. I've found 140 so far, including 2 Medal Of Honor recipients, plus one guy who apparently fought for both sides. (Started with Virginia, then went AWOL and resurfaced in West Virginia.)
  11. Most (all?) states are honor system. Claiming a condition is quite easy for those with less of a moral compass. I'm relatively young and healthy but I qualified for the vaccine based on a couple of conditions. I was quite surprised that no one at the clinic questioned my eligibility. It would have been easy -- too easy, really -- to simply lie on the forms. I've been hesitant to tell anyone about my vaccination status because I don't want to be accused of jumping the line. #vaccineshaming
  12. Got my 1st shot (Pfizer) 10 days ago. Today, one of my co-workers was sent home at noon due to COVID symptoms. We spent about 2 hours in the same office space this morning -- we both wore masks and we only got within 6 feet of each other for maybe 5-10 minutes total. Am I going to catch it?
  13. On the contrary, I think it would be very, very good for Republicans. Trump supporters are much less likely to be scared off by COVID spikes. They are going to vote for him, in person, no matter what. I don't think Trump is diabolical enough to employ it as a strategy, but it's certainly in his best interest if: 1. COVID cases spike nationwide. and 2. Democrats are encouraged to stay home and vote by mail. And since mail-in ballots tend to be rejected at a higher rate than in-person ballots, this would give a distinct advantage to Republicans. The advantage could
  14. I have a hard time reconciling this with any semblance of Republican policy. I'm surprised that the mere existence of that tweet did not result in an insta-disown from party leadership.
  15. Good. So why the weird deflection? We want the police to be held responsible for this sort of ####, so why shouldn't it be easy to condemn vigilantes engaged in the same behavior? This seems very easy. No deflections here. Just because a poster doesn't feel the need to announce his opinion of every act, that doesn't mean that he's deflecting.
  16. I'd love to see where I justified any such behavior, regardless, your comment was disgusting What was disgusting about my comment? All I offered was an opinion on the possible mindset of the protesters; I was not justifying such a mindset, if it existed.
  17. Then it was an absolutely disgusting take on the situation I'm glad you currently think it's disgusting to use legal technicalities to justify brutal behavior. I hope that in the future you will apply that mentality to your view of other situations...
  18. Is it a bad thing when police brutalize people using this rationale? Yep.
  19. I'm going to assume this is some kind of sarcastic remark referring to some of the excuses cops give. It wasn't sarcasm.
  20. Yes but once the threat is gone you can't go over and beat the guy. The driver was attempting to stand. The protesters could have interpreted that as a threat and they may have felt that their lives were in danger.
  21. OK I'm glad you agree with me that the riots have subsided. /noonanstyle
  22. This makes zero sense. The riots subsided after the Feds left.
  23. link? Conservative sites are describing it as an innocent man who was minding his own business and was randomly pulled from his truck and beaten. Other sites are describing it as a plateless truck intentionally swerving into protesters.
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