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  1. First matchup was Ben's first game back and he looked extremely hobbled. It was one of the worst games I've seen from Ben. I expect another big day from Bryant this Sunday. They'll need to put up a lot of points. disagree - Den's offense looks ordinary right now - could be a low scoring game.
  2. A must start for most that have him rostered - even with Jones at QB.
  3. True, but what do you do with both (if you have both rostered) when Ben gets back??
  4. Have Bryant firmly on the pine until Big Ben returns.
  5. came here to type the same thing - they talk about him having a chance to start. There are reasons he fell to the 4th - a guy that can run that fast - a guy that size? I have read where at least one scout that said he had troubling worth ethic and an inconsistent motor.
  6. THE Clay davis???

    DOWNTOWN Clay Davis??

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