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  1. good post. when you can catch a football - nothing else matters.
  2. If Martin leaves, then Tampa will get another back.
  3. Manning had carry teams with mediocre defenses his entire career. It's about time a great defense carried him.
  4. passion has nothing to do with his childish behavior in the game against the Panthers.
  5. Eagles are adrift in this last week - the Giants want to play for Tom. Odell goes off (in a good way) this week.
  6. I'm starting to agree with you that they franchise him and see what 2016 brings. So many questions now, with a new regime coming in. You can't give him franchise money even if it's for one season - that's insane.Going to be around $21.6mil. He's going to get $17-19mil per year going rate. No way he settles for less when his numbers and the market say other wise. You are smoking some serious crack if you think he's getting 17-19 mill a year.Tannenhill, Kaepernick, Cutler, Alex Smith all make between $17-19.3 mil next year. Kaep will be cut but that's the going rate for an agent. You think a guy with 17+ TDs, 3700yds and 64% completion rate in 14 games and is still only 28 is going to get less than those guys? Ok. I will admit to being surprised when i looked up those guys contracts. So i'll scale it back and just say i think that would be a mistake and leave it at that. if you were GM, what would you do after you let Bradford walk?
  7. You always get a free pass when you do things the conventional way.
  8. First matchup was Ben's first game back and he looked extremely hobbled. It was one of the worst games I've seen from Ben. I expect another big day from Bryant this Sunday. They'll need to put up a lot of points. disagree - Den's offense looks ordinary right now - could be a low scoring game.
  9. don't have much confidence in him this coming week but really can't bench him after what he's done lately. Still definitely a concern, not expecting much out of him. Nobody who Norman shadows has had a big game this season. It's not a big game, but Julio just put up almost 16 points in PPR, as the only receiving threat. Cam will tear through the Giants D and force the Giants into catch-up mode just like the Falcons were in all game. That didn't work out so well for Julio and the Falcons. Ryan is playing like garbage - not a good comparison.
  10. There aren't quality QBs available; he's improving week by week as he fully recovers from his injury last year.
  11. Ya I may start him now. Why would you not start him? Hopkins torched Revis a couple weeks ago. Revis isn't the same this season. Revis started out great this season until he hurt his groin. Then he started giving receivers a bigger cushion because he couldn't run with them anymore hence why Watkins and Hopkins were able to beat him deep. Given some time to rest his body, he may come back to shutdown form, albeit he will slow down naturally over time. doubt it - he's probably too old for that to happen.
  12. Why does everything have to be black or white? The answer is probably (as usual) some shade of gray.
  13. weather concerns? How does rain affect RB production???
  14. visually impressive - problem is that he does next to nothing as a runner so that's why he's not as good (FF wise) as guys like Woodhead and Sproles - those two can run it inside (at times).
  15. No love for Riddick longterm? he had 50% of the snaps last week, and Abdullah is still Abdullah . . . anyone? Bueller??
  16. Martin isn't going anywhere - Sims is not a workhorse back.
  17. this. A promising QB - and two decent receivers, and an improving defense.
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