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  1. I always think the same thing when I make this recipe. Last time after I finished adding the ingredients, I took one look in the pot and then got a can of crushed tomatoes out and at the ready, assumed I would be adding some as it reduced. Never did. Gotta trust Smails. Just follow the recipe. It works. Brilliantly.Will do. Have to trust the FBGenius. Thanks, Smails.
  2. May have been answered, don't have time to read all 23 pages. I have to make this tomorrow night. How in the world is this enough tomato paste/sauce? Does it turn out very thin and brothy? I mean, 6 pounds of meat and just 1 can each of tomato soup and paste? Somebody learn me on this.
  3. Interesting article on the star ratings of the 44 starters in the Natl Championship Aub/Ore. Link
  4. I'm starting "Death to the BCS" by Den Wetzel tomorrow. Word is that it is devastating.
  5. 2 slabs of ribs will go on in a couple of hours. Been sitting, wrapped and rubbed, since yesterday. Smoked for 2 hours, then tented over apple juice. The chorizo fatties will go on after that, for tailgate tomorrow. Just picked up some Royal Oak lump at GFS (RO makes their storebrand) -- from what I read on NakedWhiz it is a superior lump and smoke. $12.99 for 20lbs.
  6. For regulating temperature, it is a true feel. Keep the egg clean and temperature regulation is pretty easy. It just takes some practice and you will find comfortable positions for the fly wheel and the boot draft for your various cooking temperatures.For charcoal, I tend to load some where around half way up the fire ring (fire box full and then about half way up the next level). This is for the Egg, I don't know if the Bayou Classic has the same components but I bet it does.Always stir the charcoal to let the dust settle to the bottom and then reach down and make sure the 6 or so side air holes are clean, this is key for easy fire management in the egg.Oh and never walk away from the egg with the bottom door open and the fly wheel off. In a blink of an eye the egg can get extremely hot.Thanks, and, yes, the components are just the same. Do you light from the top of charcoal pile or bottom, depending on if you are preparing for a low/slow or a fast/hot grill?
  7. Ok, finally broke down and got one myself. Holy cow, this thing is sweet! It is = to a large Green Egg but considerably cheaper and most accessories are included. I also think it is a lot better looking.First up were two smoked fatties and then Simon & Garfunkel chicken (whole chicken, flat with backbone removed). The fatties were awesome but the chicken was the best, most moist chicken I honestly think I've ever had.Then, got some hand patted angus burgers (1/2 pound) from the butcher. Went with 650*, 2 minutes on each side, then shut it all down and 4 more minutes. I can't possibly describe to you the improvement in taste/texture from a gas grill.Having said that, still learning to regulate the temp. Pointers?For the experienced...how much charcoal do you load? Do you always load it full or do you load it per what you need for that particular cook?
  8. Friend bought the Bayou Classic Cypress grill (Green Egg knockoff) several months ago. He knows the Big Green Egg as his Dad has one and he has used it extensively. Says there is nothing the Egg did that this won't and does it as well. BGE cost -- all accessories -- is about $500 more than the Bayou Classic. I'm getting one tomorrow. Lowe's carries them, or at least can order one in for you.
  9. How would the bolded make hiring a new employee cost less, rather than more?Also, how does it jive with the point right before it? As it would require additional regulation (or at least stringent enforcement of existing regulation) to accomplish. On the plus side, I suppose it would create a lot of good new government jobs as you'd need a small army of people to enforce it.We already have a MASSIVE army to enforce it...they just don't.
  10. Wall St hates Obama. They thought they'd love him...but now they've turned on him. What the market hates is uncertainty...not knowing. What will taxes be come January? What will impact of the healthcare scheme be? How much more debt will he amass? How many more activists will he annoint to the Supreme Court? Yada yada yada. He's a complete wildcard, an unknown. You can't punch those things into a calculator. Want to jump start the economy? Do 3 things: 1. Repeal the Healthcare scheme. Give tax subsidy to buy your own and cap lawsuit punitive damages. 2. Extend Bush tax cuts. In addition, suspend cap gain tax for the next 2 years. 3. Do things that make hiring a new employee cost LESS, not MORE. Employment tax holiday, streamline govt regs to hire someone, nix all employment of illegals, do away with minimum wage. Obama is a cancer to the free market. I can't decide if he is ignorant...or if he's doing it on purpose. He undermines investor confidence incessantly.
  11. So, what is up with this? I am not going to pay $5 for a well done piece of shoe leather. Not happening.
  12. I really enjoyed some of Lehane's books. If you like that genre, I'd highly recommend that you read:Vince Flynn -- Mitch Rapp series (CIA)Daniel Silva -- Gabriel Allon series (Israel counter intelligence)Michael Connolly -- Harry Bosch (LAPD)Lee Child -- Jack Reacher series. I can't possibly recommend this highly enough. Best, most enjoyable author going today.Cormac -- but you mentioned him already.
  13. Meh.It was good...because it was unique. But...it just never WENT anywhere.
  14. I am fortunate in the fact that I live reasonably close to Kige. The local sports talk monster www.1045thezone.com has a new midday show 12-3 Central that Kige has been calling up the last couple of weeks. The guys on the show are tech savvy and know of Kige's phenomenon status. Franky, Kige seems more "normal" when he calls in. He has primarily been calling to pump UK's basketball team. BTW, have you seen Kige's "John Wall Dance" youtube?
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