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  1. Probably more due to them having, like, almost negative depth at LB even with Dupree.
  2. Hmmm....interesting. After careful consideration, it is my professional opinion that you sound married.
  3. Does he even know the bolded? Regardless, he's pretty much always been a baboon.
  4. I'd much rather see Hamilton than Hue freakin' Jackson (or probably Canada).
  5. You could even play the xylophone on Mitch McConnell's turtle shell.
  6. Ah, okay. Yeah, that would make sense. The studio I worked at back then wasn't far from there, and it was in one of the neighborhoods that was being "revitalized." Two streets north though....woof.
  7. Oy. THAT was the end result? Blaaargh. Shoulda went with the spas, fo' sho'. I thought the bowling stuff was just in Circus Circus. Honestly, I wouldn't set foot inside another of the casino's in downtown Reno if you paid me. I'm only a "peripheral degenerate", so no real skin off my nose, but the ones I checked out (even the Legacy, etc) really felt run down/in a time warp. FFS....Cal-Neva? By 2015 it looked like a set from the Walking Dead on the outside. A couple of the larger (and I expect newer) hi-rise casinos on the south side of town are pretty nice though (GSR, Atlantis, et
  8. Wife and I lived in Reno for a little while and left just a few years back. We liked it a lot more than we expected. That said, $200s ain't getting you much there anymore, unless you're talking living waaay too close to the downtown area than you'd probably want to (it's basically littered with meth heads released from Sun Valley, these days) or you're going pretty small. South of Reno proper though? Some pretty nice areas (Southmeadows, Damonte Ranch, Double Diamond, etc.) where you can get a fairly good-sized home (with actual yards/space between your neighbors) in the $300s, last I ch
  9. It is absolutely the BEST one of this current campaign because of.... ....this.
  10. I feel like this is like the 4th or 5th time over the past 15 years we've heard this kind of thing reported about Detroit (including the part about not requesting permission to talk to him).
  11. This is the same kind of conversation that fans of the team would have about Cowher ("They're stale. Let's fire Cowher!" "Who'd we replace him with? Oh, I dunno, maybe Norm Chow!") for practically his entire tenure with the team. Tomlin isn't going anywhere, and if he was fired he'd be out of a job for about 10 minutes. I am not a Tomlin apologist (nor was I for Cowher), but that's just not how the Rooney's operate. They aren't firing the head coach the year they won 12 games and the division, regardless of what happened in the playoffs. Conversely, Randy Fichtner shouldn't be buying
  12. Gutted to hear this. Just ####### gutted. Great, great conversations with him about so many different things the last handful of years on here. Was actually just wondering how he's been a day or so ago. "Give 'em hell, Polecat!" wherever you are.
  13. My dark theme needs to come back IMMEDIATELY. This freaking site is unreadable otherwise.
  14. Looking at any of this like it's Steelers/Ravens, Dolphins/Patriots, or Cowboys/Eagles is a massive part of the problem. Violence is wrong. Destruction of property is wrong. The end. Whatever group or individual is involved in orchestrating violence, ever, is wrong and should absolutely, positively be held accountable, investigated, tried if evidence supports a crime, and punished. If BLM/Antifa/whatever perps were involved in anyway on Wed. in DC, they can take their spot right next to Trump/Trumpists at the defendant's table. If any of those individuals were involved in inciting
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