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  1. Initially read this as "shuke really is in every man." without batting an eye and thought "Yeah? Well, you know what? Good for him. I hope he's happy whatever he's doing." Then I re-read it and decided "Meh. Posting anyway." Going to go slug a borboun of of a Jordan 1 and contemplate it.
  2. Damn. Gary from Gary's Gutters reeeeally has let himself go.
  3. I know they won, etc etc (or rather TJ Watt decided he wanted to win, and took the rest of the team along for the ride), but sometimes watching this team play football is, to borrow from the Gonzo vernacular, like watching scum freeze on the eyeballs of a jackass while being crushed by an airplane full of leeches.
  4. Not cursed. Just not very good. He still almost jobbed Pittsburgh's D anyway. They should be embarrassed with that 3rd qtr performance. Luckily, they have Watt and he essentially won the game for them by himself.
  5. Don't care what they did on that last play the Steeler defense is utter horse####.
  6. At this point, I'd probably be more inclined to go into a post-Ben season with Mariotta and Haskins than I would with Carr and Rudolph. Not sure what that says about any of them other than "JFC, anyone have Bubby Brister's number handy?" QB is going to a be a problem for a year or two, most likely. They just need to steel themselves(seewutIdidthere?) for it. As a WR, maybe. Ain't nobody realistic being mentioned who I'd really care to see them hitch their wagon to. Rodgers/Russ? Sure, sign me up. Better line up a bunch of guys to get cut/re-structured to make someone like that work while still having a team around them, though.
  7. How did I miss this? "Spicy Malaise" is straight up your drag queen name, isn't it? ISNT. IT?
  8. Sounds like it's the hip. So you were close. I think the hip is the "elbow of the pelvis", or some ish.
  9. Feeling pretty good right now about my decision to not watch either of the past two games. <back pat> Gonna make it three in a row next week fo' sho'. I can get angry and drunk without the added stress of watching this team attempt to move the ball. This feels like a question that's been asked about Steelers' offenses for, like, 30 years. "It's what they do" is probably the best answer we're going to come up with, I'm afraid.
  10. Unless they've got a couple of server rooms at Heinz devoted to mining Bitcoin, they can probably forget about Okung.
  11. Think he's meaning that their pedigree (guys like Green and the other rookie dude named Dan) in college had them tagged more as maulers, not pass protectors. Clearly, so far, ain't no one on that line "a better run blocker" than they are anything. The freaking WRs threw more meaningful blocks on their one rush TD on Sunday than just about anyone on the actual OL.
  12. And Alualu hurt within 4 plays. This Offense looks disturbingly like last year's Offense. Hork.
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