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  1. Thanks. I actually found an appointment at a place near John Wayne last Friday, so I got the first shot then. It was streamlined as eff. If I didn't have to sit and wait for 15 mins after getting the chip implanted, I'd have been in and out in about 6 minutes.
  2. Also seeing something about DeMarkus Acy, who I don't think is a UDRFA. ETA: Looked it up. Yeah, Acy was a UDRFA for the 49ers last year. Assume he was a cut, and they're picking him up.
  3. Seeing these guys as reported signings so far: DB Shakur Brown DB Lamont Wade LB Jamar Watson LB Calvin Bundage
  4. I get the feeling Primanti's is going to become very, very familiar with this guy. If he has a single hair on his balls he's asking to be allowed to wear #36 in camp. Will confuse the hell out of the out-of-towners. "Hey, when did J.B. un-retire?"
  5. Toney just cannot, cannot, cannot play vs. the run in the NFL. That's what's killing him, IMO.
  6. Most places had him as a Day 3 grade, but he had a good Senior Bowl week and some thought he could bump up. Not a bad get in round 6, I suppose. He has some questions around him, and limited athleticism that could make him playing a more traditional OLB role a challenge, but he's got some power and he can rush the QB
  7. Whoever they are after will clearly be available. cuz they won't be on anybody else's board
  8. Time to start thinking about CB if they aremt already, IMO.
  9. Like Green a good bit. Guy can maul in the run game. Little bit of an edge to him. The versatility is nice too, but I hope theyre viewing him as a C all the way.
  10. ETA: I like Freir Tuck way more than Harris. Its only brow furrowing in context after burning the first on a RB.
  11. That is a better look from where Im sitting. (Hell, Jenkins and a reach pick at RB might be a better look.)
  12. Woof. Two skill positions with this OL? WR in 4, comin' up. Think i might just take this weekend off.
  13. It was more an indictment of Humphrey than a case for a TE. In the limited time I saw Humphrey play the last two years, DTs were making him there kitty. No thankee.
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