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  1. Well, hey, lookit that. TJ signed before Sunday and will totally be playing against the Bills. Hoping no one burned any jerseys.
  2. Same junk happened with Polamalu (although I don't recall for sure if he was skipping practicing/games back then). They kept negotiating up until the team boarded the plane to go play the Ravens week 1, or some ish like that. The whole "we won't negotiate with terrorists" junk is just that.....junk. Maybe they'd lord it over the third stingers, but they aren't going to stop talking to Watt's agent because of some silly soundbite stuff they tell John Steigerwald (that guy is still alive, right?). Didn't they extend Heyward super late just last year too? The bigger deal would be the rumors about not having guaranteed money agreed to. Or rather, how far apart is the gap between what each side is looking for? "Hot Take"!: Watt signs Friday, plays Sunday, everyone tearing off their clothes about it puts their Steelers hat back on right-side out and says they "knew they'd get it done all along!"
  3. I don't believe Haskins is anything more than a "maybe", but I know that Rudolph isn't even that. We have seen that movie already and we know how it ends. He's "just a guy." Haskin may be more (or less) than that, but we don't know yet. With Rudolph, we know. That's a solved problem. Absolutely zero reason not to find out in the time they have with Haskin if he CAN be more than "just a guy." Make him the #2 option and have done with it. Opens up the option to do some stuff with him on the field during games rather than watch him sit around with his hat on backwards (even if he just winds up sitting around with his hat on backwards anyway).
  4. There is none. "He is who we thought he was" at this point. The team would be better served with Haskins above him on the depth chart.
  5. He essentially "alpha'd" you with that little move. Did he sleep with your wife after? (If the answer is anything other other than "no", you may as well go get fitted for your nueticles now.)
  6. Well la-di-FREAKIN'=da! Will not save my preferences here. 😐 If I were a paying customer, I'd probably be a lot more cheesed off that my free internet board where I make fun of people making fun of people with Parkinson's is literally stealing my vision when I look in its general direction. I'm not though....but I'll probably just continue to ##### anyway.
  7. No dark mode AGAIN on here? So, it's back to this "HIV for your optic nerve"? Great 😐
  8. Yes, but people with Parkinson's have "tremors" not "vibrators"(well, some may have those too, but the shaking stuff is a tremor). I've re-assessed: 3/10.
  9. Was expecting a "tremolo" gimmick. You people are slipping. 4/10
  10. This story was way better 10 years ago when it was at Publix and involved shaming someone in line in front of the person in question for using a check (or cash, or exact change, or whatever). 3/10
  11. "Jehova's Sexiest Prosthetics Designer" It's certainly top 5.
  12. Totally depends on two things, IMO: 1) overall health, but particularly on the DL, and 2) Hightsmith/et al's ability to replicate the push Dupree provided over the long haul. Depth is a concern overall, but if they get the same kind of pass rush they did a year ago, that can cover up for a LOT of ills they may end up with on the back end of the D.
  13. Why? I think we, and they, have seen everything they need to with Rudolph. He got a pretty extended look during Ben's absence two years ago. He doesn't have it.
  14. We did it. We can close the internet now. Good job, everyone. Hope to see you on the other side.
  15. ANYONE over Dobbs. Geezuz. That guy..... I know he and Ben are, like, besties or some ish, but as a peripheral UT fan I hated that pick when they made it and hated when they brought him back. Guy might be a football savant, but his issues with inaccuracy have always been, and remain, legion.
  16. I mean...he can make all the demands he wants. Doesn't mean any of them are going to actually be met....but he can certainly make 'em. Good luck with the bitcoin thing, Russ.
  17. Poole just makes way too much sense for them right now. I fully expect they won't even talk to him.
  18. Poole is a "no brainer", IMO, at this point for how their draft went. Unless he's expecting crazy money.....which he isn't going to get from anyone, let alone the Steelers.
  19. Is Brian Poole still kicking around out there? Think he'd be a really solid get to play slot. He'd get semi-abused if he's forced outside, but he's been a really, really good slot CB for a couple/three years now. ETA: Checked. He's still a FA.
  20. I get static for offering solutions. I get accused of not listening if I remain silent. 😕 If its a trivial thing, any more I'm contemplating openly stating my lack of care to just get the eventual argument out of the way.
  21. Thanks. I actually found an appointment at a place near John Wayne last Friday, so I got the first shot then. It was streamlined as eff. If I didn't have to sit and wait for 15 mins after getting the chip implanted, I'd have been in and out in about 6 minutes.
  22. Also seeing something about DeMarkus Acy, who I don't think is a UDRFA. ETA: Looked it up. Yeah, Acy was a UDRFA for the 49ers last year. Assume he was a cut, and they're picking him up.
  23. Seeing these guys as reported signings so far: DB Shakur Brown DB Lamont Wade LB Jamar Watson LB Calvin Bundage
  24. I get the feeling Primanti's is going to become very, very familiar with this guy. If he has a single hair on his balls he's asking to be allowed to wear #36 in camp. Will confuse the hell out of the out-of-towners. "Hey, when did J.B. un-retire?"
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