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  1. Fun fact for the day: I just discovered that there were 2 different Eddie Johnsons that played in the 80's.
  2. I move that we close the draft participants at 16 drafters. Nobody needs to be worried about whether they should draft Vinny Del Negro to their All-time team.
  3. You mean when he slipped and fell, or when he forced a prayer over a double team? Either way, nah.
  4. https://www.genocidewatch.com/single-post/2020/08/07/genocide-warning-report-israelpalestine Israel is essentially at war with Hamas, a terrorist group harbored by Palestine. What they are doing is not genocide and everyone without an agenda knows it. They are likely too harsh on the Palestinian people, but discrimination is not genocide. Plus they have a lot more at stake since many in their region would actively commit genocide against the Jews if they could.
  5. I remember being stoked when Dr J fell to me in the 2nd round. I ended up having to pair Moses Malone and Patrick Ewing on my All-Time team. I also remember reluctantly pulling the trigger on Bruce Bowen in the later rounds.
  6. Well then that's not the one I'm thinking of. The one I remember was scored by ranking in each category. A judge ranked the category 1-16 and 1st got 16 pts, 2nd got 15 pts, etc. This may have been even earlier than 2010.
  7. Besides their own? Genocide has a very specific definition. What Israel is doing to Palestine is not genocide, not even close.
  8. I'm a Missourian who doesn't know what exactly this means, but congrats!
  9. The 3rd episode maybe? It was why agent Woo was trying to get into the town, because he had a guy in witness protection disappear.
  10. In. The first time we did this, I believe I finished in 4th place. And I took that personally.
  11. We have been so fortunate to live in an area that prioritized the kids and had in session school available this entire school year with the majority of extra curricular activities in place. My 14 yr old son has experienced a full 8th grade year with football and basketball seasons played in their entirety and just started track this week. He did miss 3 basketball games quarantining while I had COVID and has to wear a mask all day and he doesn't get to do choir performances, but I consider us very lucky. Online school was available, but I don't know anyone who chose that option for their kid
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