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  1. Man I cannot wait until the Warriors get knocked off in the playoffs. Grizzlies are playing like crap.
  2. This nails the majority of the current situation. A lot of these events are crazy escalations in a vacuum, and I'm not sure more context is enough to justify what has happened. Israel is losing a lot of their global support this week as Tim mentioned above.
  3. You make good points. The vast majority of the reports call it a clash or conflict or incident. No one is calling it a war. The sentiment is that because Israel is so much more capable, that they are responsible to stop first. I don't agree with that, but it is what most media is saying.
  4. Trying to play matchmaker in the West seems pointless. No idea how it all shakes out tomorrow. I believe 1-9 is all still up in the air. Only the Suns and Warriors tip off before 8:00 among those 9 Western playoff teams.
  5. Israel leveled the building holding the AP, Al-Jazeera and other media outlets today. Gave them an hour warning and then razed it to the ground. The press was already sympathetic to the Palestinians and this will just push most of them to full blown Palestinian supporters. Israel is treating this like a war already and treating the Gaza strip as an enemy nation. I believe they will take complete control and occupy the entire Gaza region when this is over, leaving just pockets of the West Bank under full Palestinian control. They have refused all calls for a cease fire and are doing wh
  6. I feel like all of the good first round series will be in the West. The East doesn't really start until the 2nd round.
  7. Kind of surprised this thread isn't getting more action. This is WW3 level stuff going on here.
  8. Just someone who has seen the light. @mr. furley is the best of peoples. Well, except for @SWC and @wikkidpissah but being Super Elite Upper Tier is hard work.
  9. Looks like they are marching to the West Bank, not directly into Israel.
  10. I'm trying to figure out if this is near the Palestinian West Bank border (what I think is most likely) or some other point along the Israeli-Jordan border.
  11. I'm going to start wearing my vaccination cards around my neck like a lanyard. Or just get some numerical marker on my hands and forehead.
  12. The more I read about the goings on, the more I'm convinced that the root cause of all of this is the fight over East Jerusalem. That is really the heart of the whole fight. According to the UN and the international community, no one is currently "in charge" of the area. There was supposed to be some international governing body, but none was ever formed. In reality, Israel seized control in 1967 after the 6-day war and has been actually running it ever since. However, the Palestinians (and by extension, the entire Muslim world) call this an illegal occupation and claim the area as their
  13. It sounds exactly like what the far right members of Israel want and already do in part. They ultimately want to have complete control over the entire region (aka the "Promised Land") which includes Gaza and the West Bank. Not sure what they would do with the Palestinians that lived there, but the continued establishment of settlements and increasing occupation of those areas is already taking place.
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