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  1. I believe He-Ya is the 2nd greatest pop song of all time (next to Billie Jean) and I'll die on that hill.
  2. Ugh. In the 2nd OT, Schroeder missed a layup and Brown missed an uncontested dunk and they lose by 4. Had like 4 threes on their last possession too, a couple wide open after offensive rebounds. They were sunk by Tatum chucking despite being ice cold and by conditioning...just had no legs left in the 2nd OT.
  3. This. I've missed the banter, the jokes, the games and the Celtics. Loving the Simmons/Sixers implosion and seeing the Nets lose game 1. Let's go Boston! (hoping for the #4 seed and a first round series win followed by a loss in 6 to whoever gets the #1 seed) Udoka has some pieces to work with, but they are a key big or PG away from being a legit contender. Could stumble into another ECF, but I don't see a Finals appearance with what this team has in place now.
  4. Reading a book instead of looking at my phone has made all the difference for me. Usually after about 10 pages or so I can't keep my eyes open anymore. Sometimes I wake up at like 1:30 am with the light still on and the book on my chest. I've been working my way through this book for the past 3 months or so. I'm on like page 930 and have learned a bunch of stuff about WW2. Find something interesting, but not so interesting it will keep you up. History/biography type books are better for me than novels because sometimes I get too into the novel.
  5. Nod down is more of a "tip of the cap" type gesture for me. I use it on occasion.
  6. I've done a lot of that depending on my mood and often combinations (except staring). But then again, I live in the Midwest where we actually consider other human beings as something of value.
  7. Saw a report today that Durant and Harden will be "included in the decision" regarding Kyrie...whatever that means. So glad this guy left Boston. He is the worst kind of superstar, a $50 million game with a $0.10 psyche.
  8. #2 - sci-fi classic #7 - adaptation of a classic novel #8 - I cheated to get this one (I had never seen the movie), but the character is played by the Jesus I can't even cheat to get #3....just not much there to go off of unless you recognize the outfit, which I do not.
  9. Got 1,2,4,5,6,7 out the gate Best I've ever done on a first try.
  10. What do I do when it seems I relate to Judas more than you, And I can't ever, I can't ever see the end?
  11. Unity in what is essential Liberty in non-essentials And in all things, charity
  12. We'll see. There is definitely some uncertainty surrounding Udoka and the roster changes. Not sure anything is broken or they have any big holes, just a lot of unknowns.
  13. This is pretty close to where I live (same county that my mother lives in). Rumor mill is rampant on the Facebooks. Nothing new has come out since the initial reports on Monday.
  14. Pfft. More like a beta than a Karen. You should have run over and peed over top of his pee and then barked at him until he left. #alphadogs
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