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  1. I had no idea Cooz was in that movie (I was young enough when that came out, I might not have known who he even was).
  2. Don't encourage him. He thinks this is some giant game of "choosies".
  3. Yeah, if everyone wants to double check the "teams" tab from time to time to put their picks in the correct eras and at the correct positions, that would be helpful. Link to Google Sheet
  4. As much as I respect your opinion on the matter, there's more than one way to skin a cat. A brick wall of defense that makes every shot within 15 feet contested by one of two athletic 7-footers (while the other grabs the miss) is a great foundation for a team. You work outside in, I'll work inside out and we'll see he gains the most ground in the middle.
  5. And with that, I have the "highest count of letters in player's names" category all sewn up.
  6. 2.13 - Giannis Antetokounmpo - PF 10's For the last 3 years, he has been the best player in the NBA, possessing a combination of size, speed and skill we have never seen. He already has 2 MVPs and a DPOY under his belt. Having really only played 7.5 seasons (2.5 of which before he could buy a beer), he is already a premier player and a great frontcourt mate for Cap.
  7. Honestly, those decrying this and cryptocurrency forget one important thing; all money nowadays is either paper or electronic record with no assets to back it up. It is simply an accepted medium of exchange. Fiat currency is a house of cards that we all simply hold up together.
  8. Considering you already have Kobe, probably good there (although Kobe is taller by an inch). That is a great pairing also, BTW.
  9. You were my primary concern. I thought he wouldn't be on anyone else's radar yet.
  10. Woooooowwwwwwwww. I was debating on if I would have to take him this round or could sneak him through after the turn, but he was a primary target for me. He was my dad's favorite player and probably the next best thing to Pippen as far as a do-eveything guy at SF. I've only seen highlights, but the word is he had a motor that just wouldn't stop and was a nightmare for opposing defenders to chase all over the court. 8 time all-defensive player who averaged 20+ ppg and could rebound and pass.
  11. They were all in their mid-30s, it was a strike shortened season (and Pippen's first with the team) and they faced the Shaq/Kobe Lakers.
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