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  1. Been a few weeks and finally caught up. (Glad I have DJax & Modogg on ignore, made for much easier reading.) @SWC & @wikkidpissah doing their usual great work in here. @Capella's thread titles are still 🔥 🔥. As for Boston, anxious to see what Udoka can do with this roster. 2 all-stars and a bunch of parts not yet assembled. Hoping it comes together and Tatum/Brown take one more step forward on offense, especially in their efficiency. I'm not counting on that personally as I thought their jump last year was fairly substantial. If they don't both improve a good deal, they need another guy. Ideally a #2, pushing JB to #3 on offense and more of a defensive role which is where he fits best. We'll see. Like that they are keeping Smart, Time Lord, Langford and Nesmith and glad they moved on from Edwards & Waters They have 12 guys that are a lock and bunch of other decent depth options to round out the roster: PG - Smart, Schroeder, Pritchard SG - Brown, Richardson SF - Tatum, Nesmith PF - Horford, Hernangomez, Parker C - Time Lord, Kanter Probably see a lot more of Horford slide to the C and Tatum to the 4 before Juancho or Jabari see the floor much. Have always loved Kanter as a depth option at center also. He's a bad starter, but a great guy to get 10/10 off the bench.
  2. I flipped the board once while playing Risk with my sister. I hated it when despite playing well and having a vastly superior army, I would lose due to the randomness of the dice and just lost it once...think I was like 12-13 yrs old. She still won't let me forget it. I'm 43 now.
  3. That's a good summary and better put than my OP. It describes my uncle to a T. His relationship with his father was so damaging that he never recovered and lived a life crippled by insecurity which manifest into him never being able to admit he was wrong about anything...right up until his death by COVID two weeks ago. Also, I have a Qanon friend who I wouldn't have put in this category of insecurity while growing up. However, he has had a rough go in adulthood with an unstable wife and yo-yo career. Anyway, his condescending looks when we discussed the "stolen" election seemed really different from anything I'd seen out of him when we were growing up and he has done nothing but double down on how right he is and wrong everyone else is. It seems like some people may be hardwired into this tendency, some people are driven to it at a young age by their childhood/parental situations and some people can develop it over time through various influences. I wonder if it is a default state that we need to mature out of or something we are driven to through experience? Either way, as with every psychological issue, awareness is the first step to recovery. I've been trying to see when/where I display these tendencies in my own life and am trying to overcome the "scared little boy" inside of me when I see it.
  4. I have a theory that the real problem in our society isn't politics or vaccines or football officials, but the insecure obsession our society has with being "right". I believe the reason people can't back off of Qanon or refuse to believe the candidate they voted for was a bad decision is they can't accept that they were wrong. Because if they are wrong, they are a bad person and have failed and people will look down on them and their fragile egos can't take it. It all boils down to personal insecurity and self-worth. Because if they are right, they are good and if they are wrong they are bad...which also has some links to being judgmental themselves and looking down on others who they deem as "stupid" of foolish. And to be clear, I'm not pointing fingers but looking in the mirror here. I'm as guilty of it as anybody but you are seeing it play out in real time right now with serious consequences as anti-vaxxers are refusing to admit that they are dying of COVID while in the hospital dying of COVID, which I have personally seen twice now. Trump voters, Biden voters, Hillary voters, anti-vax, pro-life, pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gun, LBGTQXYZ, etc. are all dug in for the long haul and many refuse to listen to anything counter to their previously determined stances. IMO, its almost entirely based on personal insecurity and that fact that deep down we know we suck and don't want anyone else to know.
  5. I vote for Twittergeddon, it kinda rolls off the tongue like "syphilis" or "onamonapia". Plus twitter seems like a central piece at the beginning of the conflict.
  6. So I've just had an interesting run of things with alcohol this year and I'm curious to know if I do have some kind of psychological issue with it. Over the past couple years I had developed a covert system of drinking. Fireball in coffee in the morning, beers at lunch, keeping beer in the garage in a cooler so I can drink out there when I'm doing yardwork, etc. I definitely used alcohol to self medicate from depression for a couple of years and some of those habits have hung around, but the depression is no more (thank you, Jesus). I do this because my wife has an issue with alcohol of any sort at any time because her mom was a puritan (not literally, but a Baptist) and she got hit by a drunk driver about 12 years ago and she has a friend whose husband is an alcoholic. She basically has an internal conniption fit every time she sees me with a beer or smells it on my breath. We've talked about it, even looked at the Bible, but she is an illogical and emotional creature and can't psychologically get over it. She's never been drunk once in her life and hasn't had a sip of alcohol in 20 years. As a result I'm not comfortable drinking at home (plus the puritan mom lives with us). When I'm alone for the evening or on a trip with some guys for college football (I referee) I also have a tendency to binge drink at those times because "FREEDOM!!1". I think this has caused me to have more of an issue with alcohol than I would if things were more "normal". All of the hiding it has made it more of a secretive, clandestine and forbidden habit. My wife knows I drink on occasion, but she is fairly ignorant to the when and frequency. So back in mid June my wife talks me into doing a program called 75 Hard. Among the stipulations (including workouts, eating, etc.) is NO alcohol at all. I've gone long periods without before, so this isn't a problem. Basically I went from June 12th through September 13th without a drop of alcohol of any kind. I lost weight, got in the best shape of my post-20's life and didn't really "miss" alcohol too often (outside of a couple of nights out with the guys...those were tough). So now here I am, back off the wagon so to speak and I'm basically going overboard right out the gate. Drank a 6-pack of tall boys in 3 days and am currently sipping on a coffee with Fireball for my morning in the office with a 6-pack in a cooler in my trunk chilling for after my game tonight. It feels like now that I can, I'm going all in on drinking again and I'm a bit concerned I have some kind of odd problem. Also, I tried to have a beer during my nighttime routine last night and my wife had to tell me "it scared her" despite the fact I hadn't had a drop in over 3 months. It pissed me off and I poured the rest of my beer down the sink while crushing the can in anger and stormed out of the room. I'm quite sick of the judgement there. However, if she really knew how much I had been drinking, she would be justifiably worried...so I'm really not too mad at her and things were fine between us this morning. I don't know. I don't feel some need to completely quit, but day drinking and hiding it from my wife feels like I have a problem. The fact that I could go 3 months without anything makes me think it isn't out of control and I'm never reckless or driving drunk, never blacked out and haven't puked in years with very few hangovers over that time. I really just like 2-3 beers in the evening, but don't really have that option on a regular basis apparently unless I want to fight with my wife. I don't know what the point of all of this is other than to just share my thoughts/feelings in here. TIA, will answer yours. gl peas
  7. My friend Chris (45 y.o. father of 4) and my Uncle Mike would be alive today if it weren't for COVID and that is a fact no matter what you believe. Chris had no known comorbidities and Mike was overweight and high blood pressure, just like his 94 yr old mother who is still alive and didn't get COVID because she was vaccinated. Chris and Mike weren't vaccinated. Those are facts.
  8. At least none of her BratPop ™️ made the list. I can't stand her whiny, half-asleep sound.
  9. Hey Ya is my 2nd favorite pop song behind Billie Jean, which at #44 is too low (but at least it's the top MJ song). Fight the Power at #2 seems like a stretch based on politics. Musically, it doesn't stack up as much as some of NWA's work in that era.
  10. I know a tangent, but what the heck you talking about? You clearly don't have kids. Unless you unplug entirely, every kid aged 12 and up is inundated with celebrity influence. The vast majority of that influence is in conflict with values and character traits we desire in our children. Youtube is the 2nd most visited website (behind Google) on the internet and it is vastly driven by the 12-18 yr old demographics. Many kids literally will spend every waking hour on that website if not limited in some way. It is a daily struggle for my wife and I to try and influence our children with love and morality in the face of the barrage of outside influence. I can't fathom navigating that mine field as a single parent. I also know I had a lot of trouble being a good father when I was struggling with my own depression and I'm not alone on that front either. Again, you cannot be a father if you honestly believe what you wrote. Raising kids well is one of the most difficult things I've ever attempted in my life and I'm doing it with a good spouse and good family support system. Many don't have the same advantages I do.
  11. LOL You are so smart and cool. Can we be friends? ETA: So much for "civilly discuss"
  12. You want polling data? We can show that. You want factual reports from reputable sources? We can show that. You want anecdotes? We can sure as hell provide that. No matter where you go, not matter who you frame it, getting vaccinated is the safest best thing for the general population to do. Not getting the vaccine is unnecessarily reckless for anyone who hasn't had the virus already. Millions of people are continuing to ignorantly roll the dice on their health because of an irrational fear of some phantom, unknown long term effects when the virus is literally killing, maiming and ruining people's lives and, oh yeah, HAS LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS AS WELL!!!! I'm so sick of people ignoring that fact. You are scared of long term side effects of the vaccine? Well let's list the KNOWN long term side effects of the virus: Complications, including long-term damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain and other organs, is possible after a severe case of COVID-19.
  13. Yeah, this conspiracy theory is a bunch of crap. I almost punched a guy in the face the other day when he asked, "How do you know your uncle is in the hospital with COVID?" My uncle died the next day. The numbers from local hospitals are real and the tests have been steadily improved over the last few months. Those people in the hospital on ventilators are dying and it IS from COVID. To deny that is to deny the truth.
  14. Our hospitals have already been built to house all of the sick and dying from obesity and heart disease. The only difference between that pandemic and this one is we are used to them dying on a regular basis. COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers are just too new for hospitals to be ready.
  15. I'm pro-life and pro-vaccine, but anti-vaccine-mandate. I believe in berating fools into compliance rather than forcing them into compliance through threatening of job loss. That said, I also believe that abortion is a form of murder and should be outlawed. This is very much apples and oranges.
  16. I completely agree with this and believe it to be fact. I also, still believe a vaccine mandate is out of line and should not be done in the USA. This is not who we are or what we do. It reminds me a lot of my arguments for the 2nd amendment. I know it causes a lot of unnecessary death in the country, but it is a hill I AM willing to die on to prevent the overrun of tyrannical government which is why it was placed in the Bill of Rights. I believe to force vaccination across the board (or make it financially untenable for most to not get vaccinated) is tyrannical in nature and the kind of thing that is done in Russia or China. But not here.
  17. I'm very pro-vaccine, but very anti-mandate. How is the COVID pandemic enough of a threat to individual life or liberty to warrant the suspension of personal freedom? I know the mortality rates are higher than anything else this widespread, but what is that threshold and how do we know we have hit a point of this being a national level threat to our entire populace? Like someone said above, it isn't even approved for children under 12, yet we can force the entire adult populace to take it? Again, I want everyone to get the vaccine, but in no way shape or form do I believe we should be forcing it on people. I believe in this like I believe in the 2nd amendment. There are some freedoms that are worth preserving despite the dangers to the population if for nothing else than the larger scale dangers which they hold at bay. More people will die if we don't mandate the vaccine, but I don't think stopping those deaths is worth the precedence this would set. I believe it is important enough to allow our people the choice to endanger themselves by refusing the vaccine and the rest of society must protect themselves against those people. This is the American way, for better or worse, and I believe in it wholeheartedly.
  18. On the electronic/techno side of things? I guess. Overall musicianship, not even close. Radiohead did so many different things its hard to compare them to anyone else. From Just to You and Whose Army to Burn the Witch to I Might Be Wrong etc., etc. Radiohead just kept pushing, changing and creating. One of the GOAT's.
  19. So I've had a difficult and interesting vaccine journey over the past week. My uncle, who was 69, overweight and an anti-vaccine right wing nut, died of COVID last Thursday. I made a long post (for me anyway) on Facebook about vaccines being safer than COVID and put forth some arguments refuting the "long-term side effects" argument. I basically implored people to actually talk to their doctor and simply take their advice. It fueled some blowback from the anti-vax crowd, which included my sister. My sister and I are close, so I eventually had a conversation with her via text about it. Come to find out she has some antibodies and doesn't feel like she needs the vaccine. Yet her post said "I asked a doctor and he said not to take it". Now come to find out, it wasn't "her" doctor but a friend's dad who was a doctor. And what he told her friend was that if you have anti-bodies already, those are better than what the vaccine could do and you didn't need the vaccine then. I basically told her she had to clarify her statement, which she did. Yet for some reason, she felt like I was being rude for making people who didn't get the vaccine feel like they are stupid. I didn't point out that her half/truth could potentially cost someone their life. I'm contemplating a "clarifying post" that basically says that if you think the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease than you ARE stupid at this point. Arguing which form of immunity is more effective may have merit and the need to double up with natural antibodies plus the vaccine may be overkill and a more balanced risk/reward scenario. But for someone who has never had COVID to continue to refuse the vaccine is completely asinine. Especially if you or someone in your household has any sort of high-risk factor like heart/lung issues or obesity. Just plain stupid. I now personally know 2 people who have DIED and would have most likely lived had they gotten the vaccine.
  20. My daughter turns 12 at the end of January. Curious to see if they make this available for her before her birthday or not.
  21. Welcome back @CrossEyed2! Sorry to hear you've thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, on Christianity. Hope you can give it another honest look at some point but I understand you may need a long while to sort out your past and all of the difficulties it has brought on your life. Just asking you not to completely close the door on who Jesus is and what he did.
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