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  1. Kind words. I am definitely ready for next season's tournament!
  2. fatguy wins 9-5. Good luck in the finals folks!!!
  3. Semifinal #2 underway: https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/7470082
  4. Kard wins 7-0, but the story of the match was doubles on top of doubles on top of doubles for me. BG loved our play - both had error rates sub 10. Luck factor went 1.52 vs. 0.62 and that played a huge "roll" (pun very intended).
  5. Facing @bostonfred right now https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/7413570
  6. #1 kardplayer (5-0) vs. #8 bostonfred (2-3) Prior head to head: none Common opponents: RaginCajun - both beat 5-0, CletiusMaximus - kard won 5-2, fred won 5-0 #2 chet vs. #7 The Iguana Prior head to head: none Common opponents: chet beat Murph 5-2, Murph beat Iggy 5-3; chet beat culdeus 5-0, Iggy beat culdeus 5-2 #3 nysfl2 vs. # Joe Mammy Prior head to head: Joe won 5-4 Common opponents: nys beat Iggy 5-3, Iggy beat Joe 5-1; both beat bostonfred (nys 5-0, Iggy 5-1) #4 fatguy vs. #5 Murph Prior head to head: fatguy won 5-4
  7. We are ready for the quarterfinals to begin. 7 points to win, gametime casual. #1 @kardplayer vs. #8 @bostonfred #2 @chet vs. #7 @The Iguana #3 @nysfl2 vs. #6 @Joe Mammy #4 @fatguyinalittlecoat vs. #5 @Murph
  8. Bracket updated. @CletiusMaximus vs. @bostonfred for the #8 spot are on the clock https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SBAtbDukoM1HMOod9P5DJe2ASFg9fnMHXE21gWB0ges/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Bumping this up... @The Iguana and @CletiusMaximus are on the clock. Winner is the 7 seed, loser plays @bostonfred for the 8 seed.
  10. On a related note - what are the round by round point totals for the quarters, semis, and finals?
  11. brackets are updated in the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SBAtbDukoM1HMOod9P5DJe2ASFg9fnMHXE21gWB0ges/edit?usp=sharing Play-in Game #1 is @The Iguana vs. @CletiusMaximus winner is the #7 seed, loser plays @bostonfred for the #8 seed
  12. Brackets updated in the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SBAtbDukoM1HMOod9P5DJe2ASFg9fnMHXE21gWB0ges/edit?usp=sharing
  13. One round robin to go: @culdeus vs. @chet Chet - what's your ruling on tie-breaker format?
  14. Given there's no head to head sweeps amongst the tied players, I think the two options are point differential or play-in tourny. If you want to go with a play-in tourny: If it is three players, you could have Iguana play Cletius, winner is in as #7, loser plays bostonfred with the winner of that getting #8. If it is four players, I think you go The Iguana vs. bostonfred (as fred will either have the worst differential or a tie for worst), and Cletius vs. culdeus. Tough call between the two: on one hand, differential is how round robins like the world cup resolve ties. On
  15. Also, at 3-2, you clinched Top 8. Will have 3 or 4 tied for last 2 spots (3 if chet wins, 4 if culdeus wins)
  16. Backgammon Galaxy only reports it as 5, so that's what we've been going with. Others would have won Post Crawford doubles and ended at 6 (or more).
  17. We're halfway through Round 5. Still to come: @chet vs. @culdeus @nysfl2 vs @ragincajun @CletiusMaximus vs @Joe Mammy
  18. @johnnycakes rallied from down 4-1, but got stopped at the one yard line. I escaped with a 5-4 victory.
  19. 4 of the 5 2-2 people play each other, so we'll have at least 6 3 win entries. If @bostonfred beats @fatguyinalittlecoat, we'll have 7 3 win entries. The losers of the 2-2 games will be in a tiebreaker for the last spot(s) with bostonfred (if bostonfred loses) and @culdeusif culdeus wins). Good luck everyone!
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