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  1. Did you enter the serial number on the website? Mine was not recalled - hopefully yours wasn't either.
  2. Absolutely no shtick. When I get back, I ask my boss and my team if there is anything I should look for in my email. Like I said, I also skim them to see if there is anything that they might not have been copied on that I might need to weigh in on.
  3. I also have someone I'm traveling with change the password to my email account so I can't idly check it without having to tell them that that's what I'm doing.
  4. My out of office says "if this is urgent, call my cell. Otherwise if you still need my attention when I get back after X date, please resend this email when I return." When I get back, I skim emails, but mostly move everything to the "done" folder so I can search for it if someone references it. Otherwise, I'd spend 3 days just answering emails - and if I'm going to do that, why go on vacation at all. Been doing that the last few vacations and have had 0 issues. I also coach everyone who will listen to me to do the same - hoping to change the culture one person at a time.
  5. Quite a turn around from having to play in the play-in game in tourny #1 to the 2 seed and a title in your second one.
  6. It's all going to come down to one game - Fred leads 20-19 and the doubling cube has been played
  7. No objection if Gator and Fred want to play 15 points (or some other #) instead - as long as they mutually agree.
  8. Went back and looked at the BG analysis. Fred was 73% to win. Math says should have taken it - oh well.
  9. Nice 15-12 victory for @bostonfred and I'm bounced in the semis. Good luck to our finalists. Lots of chat about the crazy rolls - both of us had luck scores > 5. That might be because of the 15 point game, but I've also only seen a score that high 2 or 3 times before - never mind on both sides of the dice.
  10. Game on with @bostonfred https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/9579219
  11. One of us will be there soon - the last two nights haven't worked out, but we'll find one soon.
  12. @bostonfred are you around tomorrow night?
  13. The semifinals are upon us. On one side of the bracket, we've got @Gatorman vs. @nysfl2 in a rematch of Gatorman's 5-3 round robin victory. On the other side, we've got @kardplayer and @bostonfred in a rematch of Q1's quarterfinal won by kardplayer. Hoping we get the last few matches done this week, before the Q2 tournament ends in Q3
  14. One quarterfinal to go - @chet vs. @Gatorman - can you make it happen this weekend?
  15. Checking in on @chet, @Gatorman, @nysfl2, @QuizGuy66 I'll be out of pocket starting tomorrow morning through Saturday night - hoping we have gotten to the semifinals by then!
  16. 16 games fatguy came back from a 10-3 deficit to force the decisive game.
  17. @kardplayer wins 11-10 over @fatguyinalittlecoat- and somehow the match was even closer than the score indicates. Had 3.64 luck score vs. 0.95 for fatguy a huge piece of the difference.
  18. fatguy and kardplayer live right now https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/9293535
  19. The quarterfinals are underway: bostonfred defeated Joe Mammy 11-3 earlier this week, evening their all time series at 1-1 @fatguyinalittlecoat squares off against @kardplayer in a rematch of Q1's semifinals that fatguy won on the way to the Q1 title @chet faces @Gatorman for the second time this tourny. Gatorman won the round robin game 5-3 on the way to winning Group 2 @nysfl2 faces @QuizGuy66 - this is the first match between these players
  20. Speaking of @chet - how's that @Caveman33 scheduling coming along?
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