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  1. He can't read the board moron. I've texted him every single time he's been up. Thanks for your concern.
  2. I texted Banana. I'll be away from for a while, can someone monitor the google sheet and post his pick in here and tag Bogart please?
  3. 13.04 Lambskin Andrew Benintendi OF KC 13.05 shuke Gary Sanchez C NYY
  4. 1098. Garrett T. Capps - Born in San Antone Thanks to @Mister CIA for the introduction.
  5. @cheese @Cheese and Crackers @Cheesealicious @Cheeseballs @CheeseCurds @Cheesedawg @cheesedoodle @CheeseFantasy @CheeseHead @Kraft... @Cheezy @Cheezy Q @cheezy2022 @Queso Viejo @cheddarhead @chedha @Blue Cheese @bleue35 @Bri @Parm @Colby @cheesy @Cheesy McGee @provo99 @GoatCheese @Creamy Goodness @fresh @feta @Gorgonas @stringer47 @Swiss Cheezhead @Cheetos
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