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  1. Wait, it's Origami boulder? I thought that username was Origami Builder.
  2. Got a 6-7 foot habiscus tree there yesterday. You guys should have seen my try to put this in the front seat of my Accord.
  3. Quantity: Reading glasses, scissors, measuring tapes, screwdrivers. We have this game in our house. Whenever I go to our kitchen junk drawer for either a measuring tape or pair of scissors and don't find one, I go to the dollar store and buy 3 or 4 more and put them in there. Has happened multiple times. But my wife will still find a way to remove these items and leave them elsewhere in the house. We probably have 20 measuring tapes in this house.
  4. Gates/Camarillo/ball cancer/rooster/Tatum Bell
  5. Inside a car on a rainy day >>> sunny day The sounds on a plane put me to sleep almost immediately.
  6. 45ish Smart enough to know how to be safe and that you don't have to speed all the time, but experienced enough to know how when needed.
  7. Anywhere after a day drunk. Used to go to the Kentucky Derby and stayed at a buddy's house. Would come back and lay down on the sun-warmed sidewalk leading to his front door and have a nice snooze.
  8. smells like feet

  9. The guy predicted what cards were going to be put down.
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