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  1. 21.04 Lambskin Evan White 1B SEA 21.05 shuke Amed Rosario SS CLE
  2. East entrance is still closed but park shows open 24 hours a day now. We are planning on staying in Whitefish/west side.
  3. So we've decided to do the Amtrak from Chicago to Glacier. Holy crap it is expensive. Two roomettes roundtrip is going to be $4500, coach would be $1k. I can afford the rooms, but don't know if it's worth the difference. 32 hours in coach is a long time, but being able to walk around freely to the different cars the whole time, with a few options to deboard and get some fresh air at a few stops would help. However, I don't want to get to Glacier with my family completely wiped out and lose a day to recovery. Anyone have thoughts?
  4. I want to clarify that the burgers I eat with tartar sauce definitely don't have brown sugar in them. That's ridiculous.
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