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  1. I just might, thanks. What's that have to do with this thread?
  2. Wow, that footage looks so vibrant and fresh, it looks like a movie that was just made.
  3. Neighbor or someone from a distance: wave Passing someone I know well: ironic nod up Passing other men: nod down Passing other women: white person smile
  4. Orthopaedic implant or soft goods sales rep Athletic trainer Something crazy like working in a kinematics/biomechanics lab that does studies of people used for video games
  5. Now watch the same song live. Dude has moves. Make sure you wait for the highlights, like the chest pounding at 2:07 (he did this so much the other night and so hard that I assume he has bruises), whatever is going on at 2:27, or that blood-curdling guttural noise at 3:28. By the way, I really like this song.
  6. 30 years after starting school there, today I became an official season ticket holder for Cincinnati basketball. Glad I got into the queue before the Big 12 announcement. This year's home schedule isn't that great, but I'm still pumped.
  7. Not yet. Thinking about Silversun Pickups on 11/6, but I’m going to the UC game that day and and they haven’t announced game time yet.
  8. Hi I'm new here. Colonoscopy Friday morning. For some reason I have a two night prep process. Magnesium citrate tonight, clear liquid diet tomorrow, and I have to drink this gallon of Gavilyte split between tomorrow night and Friday morning.
  9. Saw Modest Mouse at the new place here in Cincinnati down on the Riverfront. Nice new venue. First time seeing MM. Definitely a good time. The opening band was interesting. Future Islands. They've apparently been around a while but not sure if I've heard them before. Lead singer is super intense and animated, and occasionally does this weird really deep yell thing. I'll be looking into them some more.
  10. Watched first episode of Legion, based on some recommendations in here. My brain is melted.
  11. Also, how many days do I need at Universal?
  12. Hi, I'm back. Thinking about another trip in June. Looking to go through Costco. 9 nights on property with 5 day park hopper and flights for 4 is starting about about $6500. Is this the best route? Also, need a refresher on the tiers of the properties.
  13. Big "meh" for me. First 45 minutes were all over the place. Liotta has never watched the series and said the movie would be great on it's own. I don't think so. Best parts were Silvio's toupee and Jun.
  14. That's the problem. We think we're going to follow these rules when we know damn well we won't. Otherwise, we would just make a rule that was "Go to bed by 10:30 PM"
  15. Even on days that I have plenty of "me time", I still push bedtime to as late as possible.
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