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  1. One thing I failed to mention is I also have Evan Engram. For that reason, I’m kind of leaning towards dropping Waller. He basically just flex bench help for me. Am I crazy?
  2. How competitive is your league’s playoff structure? Gordon is going to help owners win in the playoffs in a SD jersey or somewhere else. If you are pretty confidence in making the playoffs, this is a no brained. Stash him and just wait.
  3. So the AJ Green owner in my league has decided to cut bait and drop him. First question is do I spend my premium waiver wire spot on him (waiver order is based on amount of waiver transaction already made). Next question is who do I drop? Options are Dede Westbrook, Curtis Samuel, DK Metcalf, Darren Waller, Josh Gordon, Malcolm Brown. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Freeman, Tannehill, Griffin, Bradford, Kordell Stewart, Steve Grogan, Lynn Dickey, Joh Hadl, and Troy Aikman. So to answer your question, no. Unless you want to count Aikman (who was really a UCLA guy) or give a lot of premature credit to guys like Tannehill or RG3, it's pretty bleak.
  5. Pretty sure he wants football in LA and London just as much if not more.
  6. That quote could be taken in three different ways and I think it was intentionally vague like that.She didn't want retired sheriff guy to do anything remember? When she said "die by the hands of a son", I think she meant herself. Remember he kept telling her she was not a member of the club. She was just an old lady. This is how she proves she indeed is a member of the Sons.
  7. I certainly understand what you are saying. Statistically, Lebron is the man down there just as he would be anywhere. He's not the unquestioned leader that MJ always was. For crying out loud, Mike coached those Bulls teams while Phil generally read the paper during practice. Lebron may be the most talented basketball player ever, but the thought of carrying it all on his shoulders scares him. That's why he tanked in his last playoff series with Cleveland and that's why he went to Miami. He can be a stat monster and Wade can be the leader.
  8. I'm guessing you haven't watched a game. Not one.I've actually watched a ton of basketball this season. And I know what Lebron has done. But public perception generally writes the history books. And if they win 10 titles, no one will give Lebron credit. I'm not saying it's right, just saying that's how it is. On the other hand, if they lose, it's all on the self proclaimed "king". He put himself in a no win situation without realizing it.
  9. "Total BS. Michael needed Pippen." The real issue is Lebron isn't Mike here. He's Scottie. Lebron does care about his legacy. He wants to be better than MJ. He wants to be beloved. He wants to be remembered as the greatest ever. I think he thought by going to South Beach, he would be loved by all and win multiple championships. The problem is he didn't realize whatever is done in Miami now will be viewed by most as Wade's title(s) and Lebron was just a piece. Regardless of how anyone feels, all he did was give the "haters" another argument. My question is how else did he really think all thi
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