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  1. Just to agree with Gally. SF RBs are top end performers. Whichever guy is playing - and they rely primarily on one at a time - will be a quality producer. The other guys get very little and so are generally waiver-available, but the team understands the modern run game. I think its not favoring a committee that makes the guy playing valuable. Who can be sure if that lasts. This year is seemed that the many injuries took guys out and you knew who was going to perform in the next game. I didn't have Mostert (wish I did), but I picked up Wilson in Week 12 desperation and had to use him in t
  2. Amari is not going unnoticed. You asked which will be the best and that is unequivocally Julio. If you wanted who was 2nd and who 3rd, you should have asked. You won't get that by counting up the votes from the handful of guys that don't know how special Julio is.
  3. I don't know anything, but I seriously doubt the have launched and announced a substantial investigation about Miller over allegations of his personal controlled substance use.
  4. Why compare the second (or third) tier of 2020 rookies to the first tier of 2021 rookies. You'd get more interesting answers pitting top talents to top talents.
  5. The league rules say what is fair and unfair. I think you should use every legal option to compete as effectively as you can. I would be amazed if an opponent didn't compete at that level. Change the rule after the year if it allows people more ability to screw with each other's chances than the majority likes. I'm in 5 leagues, no other ownership overlap. 2 are re-draft and 3 dynasty. They all have prizes still to be won while the playoffs wind down and/or simultaneous losers brackets. None of them have any limit on who can pick up players under the same waiver system we use all year thr
  6. Because he's their best player? Because although your fanatsy team may no longer have anything to play for, NFL teams don't go out on the field trying to lose.
  7. Oops. I misread your first post. I can see your frustration with the guy, but in dynasty I always think you keep the future front and center in any trade, along with what you really think your odds are of winning with or without the trade. I have too little idea of his roster and chances to say much more than that. Apologies for mid-understanding.
  8. If I were almost a championship team but with Kittle out and a need at TE, I still wouldn't trade the 1/1 for Goedert - and I am a Goedert fan. The 1/1 and 1/2 are potential roster changers. A top 5-7 TE is not. I would look for another way to fix the TE situation, maybe giving up my 1.12 and 2nd rounder for a solid TE (knowing Kittle was my future at the position). Giving a best in draft pick up for Goedert in dynasty wouldn't be in my plans.
  9. If colleges don't play at least a fair number of games, the players will be slower to develop, but will still be the same players physically and talent-wise once they get pro coaching and pro action under their belt - in some cases less to unlearn. So the value of the draft class will be about the same, but it will he harder to spot who will be the achievers and who won't.That means a harder task to be right on picks, but also a higher chance of getting a better player than you expected. It probably hurts good drafters some and helps the odds for poorer drafters.There still will be tape on mos
  10. I think the point is all people should celebrate Black History Month and International Women's Day as achievements of our society recognizing and celebrating advancements of equal rights. African Americans only celebrating Black History Month and women alone celebrating Women's Day would be kind of like men alone celebrating Father's Day. The point is at least as much about others celebrating these bright lights as the people whose achievements are being celebrated. No surprise that some guy in a fantasy forum doesn't have a working knowledge of this distinction, but for an international
  11. We all think we could do it with a little help, but I think it is extremely difficult to run an NFL team. The salary cap keeps cash from deciding much. Ask the Redskins fans how much money helps. Ask the Cowboy fans how much having a knowledgeable, free spending and passionate owner helps. Ask the Jaguars how much having a multi-Superbowl winning staff leader and consultant helps. Ask the Raiders how much having a Superbowl winning head coach helps. Ask the Cardinals how much having the most innovative coach from the college ranks helps (although the jury is still out here). Ask the Bears how
  12. I think Bell as a Jet star is a mirage. He was behind a top 2 or 3 OL in PIT and won't be by a long shot in NY. His per carry numbers were already trending down last year from 4.7, 4.9, 4.9 in 2014-2016 to 4.0 in 2017 when he last played (which itself is pretty awful behind that line). He isn't going to have Ben throwing to him or defenses fearing AB and Ju Ju so they can't focus on stopping Bell. He's going to demand 5 or 6 years, so you'll still owe him for 2 or 3 after he's a 30+ year old RB likely making something over 10 Mil+ per guaranteed. Add in that his teammates in PIT have pretty mu
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