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  1. Bayern went down 2-0 in the first half against Frankfurt this morning. But have since made it 2-1. Müller and Pavard are on COVID quarantine, Gnabry is still injured, and it sounds like Tolisso is lost for the season. Now is the time for that deep bench to kick in.
  2. Anyone remember in the early days of his show when he caused a stir with the use of the word "fard"? He did a bit about women farding in public, and about women farding in cars while driving. Naturally people heard the word fart, and were shocked. Fard = to apply cosmetics.
  3. Finally have my firestick picking up the game. Evidently Muller <keyboard won't let me do the umlaut> tested positive this morning. And Boateng flew home for personal reasons. Interesting. Site won't let me do the url link function: https://people.com/sports/jerome-boatengs-ex-girlfriend-kasia-lenhardt-found-dead/
  4. Fox Soccer had the Bayern game yesterday. Looks the final will be on FS1 and Fox Deportes. Thursday at 1 eastern
  5. I've attended a couple of these classes, and last year I had them run two possible retirement dates for me. That gave me an idea to work with. When I worked at the facility itself, I knew the person in HR that handled this for all of my coworkers that retired. I passed her in the hallway all the time. But, 5 years ago I moved to a Region position, and work from home. Now the local facility's HR can't assist me now because all of my HR information is handled elsewhere. I can communicate with my HR via email and chat, but it's not as convenient as running down the hall an into the HR offic
  6. It can be confusing. Been with the VA for 34 years now and hit my MRA of 56 last year. Understanding how all of it works and how they calculate the high 3 can be confusing. For those in here that have said they are Federal, I have a pretty cool spreadsheet to track your leave with. For those that have been around a while, it mimics the old GEICO folder HR used to hand out. Just PM me if you want a copy. Evidently GEICO still makes them: example
  7. I HATE everything being on streaming now, even not sports related. At least with cable I don’t have to deal with wifi strength fluctuating or buffering while watching. :angryoldman:
  8. I’m here, just don’t come to the forums as much lately. Busy/chaotic times around the family, and all of the fun threads went away a while back. Decreases the incentive. Meanwhile Bayern soldiers in despite getting knocked out of the DFB Pokal in round 2.
  9. Wow w the result. I assume it was a b/c team? Bayern started Neuer, Süle, Gnabry, Kimmich, Sane, Tolisso, Davies, Costa and Müller. All normal starters. Sarr and Musiala were the only two out of the norm. It was the 7th start for each, out of 25 matches. The two big names that didn't start were Alaba and Lewandowski, who were both subbed in. Kiel played a solid defense against a constant attack, and countered against Bayern's typical high back line. Also, Bayern's first goal was offside, but no VRA at this stage of the Pokal, so it counted. Neuer is a great keeper, bu
  10. Kiel scores with the last shot to equalize against Bayern in the DFB Pokal. Extra time in the snow.
  11. The randomness of a bad taxi driver has always been annoying. When it happens where there isn’t a language barrier AND you would think the destination isn’t some off the wall place, it’s just crazy.
  12. Same here. Overcast the last 48 hours. Supposed to clear up though.
  13. How frustrating for D and Gary to get 3 of 4 on their first try and actually do it again on another try.
  14. I have felt that Beamer was who they were gunning for from the start.
  15. Another day watching a ticker instead of a match. :finger: to all of these streaming services.
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