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  1. There are no purple butterflies! There was nothing in the phrase Xander said that referenced purple butterflies. That is all. (unless I completely missed something)
  2. for when I decide to get Apple TV. I've read all of the books, may re-read some of them soon.
  3. So one and done that I just lined through the name on the first page. Didn't even have time to post a link.
  4. So sorry. This is a safe place to dump on this topic. We've all been there, and sadly will be again at some point.
  5. A very odd story that keeps getting odder by the day. But, I had never heard of this "family" until all of this.
  6. True enough. The dislike for Leipzig is a counter to the dislike for Bayern, and 50+1 is critical to all of the fans. I'm sure it is hard for a player to ignore Bayern when they come calling. Especially when players like Sabitzer say they got a new Bayern jersey every Christmas.
  7. I agree, not a surprise. It would be better for the league if there were to be a true title chase for the entire season. I can't imagine some type of rule change isn't being talked about to solve this. What that could be, I don't know.
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