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  1. So sorry. This is a safe place to dump on this topic. We've all been there, and sadly will be again at some point.
  2. A very odd story that keeps getting odder by the day. But, I had never heard of this "family" until all of this.
  3. True enough. The dislike for Leipzig is a counter to the dislike for Bayern, and 50+1 is critical to all of the fans. I'm sure it is hard for a player to ignore Bayern when they come calling. Especially when players like Sabitzer say they got a new Bayern jersey every Christmas.
  4. I agree, not a surprise. It would be better for the league if there were to be a true title chase for the entire season. I can't imagine some type of rule change isn't being talked about to solve this. What that could be, I don't know.
  5. That drone footage is amazing. After Hugo, you only really knew about the area around you, and what you heard on the radio. I remember when we did get power back, and the news showed helicopter footage of the damage. It is still hard to think about what we were seeing. My heart goes out to these people.
  6. FYI Julian was named and immediately went post tropical. Kate isn't bothering anyone.
  7. Good luck to you and everyone down that way. There have been some tips posted earlier, heed them as much as you can. Ice, as mentioned, in as many ways as you can. Fill your bathtubs with water, you may need it. I have a friend in Abita Springs, need to check in on him tomorrow.
  8. Good question. It's like trying to call a 4th timeout in the NFL, you would think the referee would just not allow it.
  9. DFL Supercup today. Bayern at Dortmund, 2:30 eastern on ESPN+
  10. Bundesliga kicks off today with Bayern München at Borussia Mönchengladbach, 2:30 eastern on ESPN+.
  11. If this is the wrong place for this, please point me in the correct direction. Using the Draft Dominator on my laptop, the classic version downloaded onto it. So, now instead of it opening and the various windows in it, it just opens a bunch of windows. Why? Printing cheatsheets, there used to be a button to toggle to black and white. Is that no longer a thing? I'm sure I will find more to frustrate me. It's these little things that frustrate us old guys. Or have I possibly downloaded the wrong thing.
  12. I came to post the same thing. Regular old non streaming or special package TV. Amazing.
  13. The 2021-22 Champions League giving us our first look at life without the Away Goal rule. Alashkert advanced over Connah's Quay Nomads. They were 2-2 after both matches, with Alashkert having two away goals, but they went the full Extra Time and Alashkert got the goal to take it. CFR Cluj advanced over Borac Banja Luka. They were 3-3 after both matches, with Borac Banja Luka having one away goal, but Extra Time saw Cluj get the goal to advance.
  14. as a group, I find both fanbases to be arrogant and obnoxious, I know individuals that are not. So, I see it. No matter who developed the slogans, the fans use them.
  15. 15 matches in the knockout round. 8 of those matches went into Extra Time. 4 of those went to kicks. 5 goals were scored in Extra Time. 38 Penalty Kicks were taken (not in regulation), 24 were made, 14 were saved/missed. No point, just interesting numbers.
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