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  1. I think I would've enjoyed Black Widow better had it released between Civil War and Infinity War. I never felt she was in danger as we already know her fate. Being released this year (or last as it was originally scheduled) just seems like they're checking a box.
  2. Apparently, that episode was delayed due to Covid issues and will be included in season 2, but it's going to be a weird fit as we've already seen a partial glimpse of it now.
  3. Installing the beta to see if I can even run BF2042 on my PC. I'd love to get the FBG gang back in for some Battlefield. edit: Not having any luck getting the beta to start, I'm afraid. Keep running into DirectX errors that EA doesn't seem to have a fix for. I guess I'll have to wait until I can get my hands on a Xbox Series X. I just don't have time to deal with computer issues these days (I barely even have time to play games as it is) and prices for PC upgrades are crazy right now.
  4. Yeah, I'm not that much in a hurry for one to pay scalper prices. When I get one, it'll be for retail.
  5. Unfortunately, my initial 36 months expired recently. So I'm paying full price. I wish I could say it's for myself, but my kids get good use out of it these days.
  6. I have over 100+ titles that I've either never started or barely got into. I've gotten to the point where I accept that I'll probably never play much of them. I just don't have the time I used to. On the upside, I barely buy 2-3 new games a year lately. Which saves a lot of money, but I'm way out of the loop on newer titles.
  7. I'm so far out of the loop these days. I haven't even seen a second of E3 footage yet. I hope to get a chance to look at things soon.
  8. I got this same error yesterday. Only that one time, though.
  9. Before I clicked, my response was "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". Glad it was already on the pole.
  10. This conversation reminds me of the underrated "Superman's Song" by the Crash Test Dummies. "Superman never made any money for savin' the world from Solomon Grundy"
  11. True. The first one isn't too bad in retrospect. I didn't even watch the 2015 version until my daughter wanted to watch them all, and even she hated that one.
  12. I disagree. The Fantastic Four is a Marvel staple and I've been waiting patiently for them to finally have a good cinematic representation. I've been disappointed that they've been made into a joke over the last three films.
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