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  1. I've sat at my desk and listened to every Beatles' album a few times on Spotify (You tube blocked) since this started. Actually probably will continue even after the thread is done. So I got that going for me.
  2. My guess for Krista's top 10: I've Just Seen a Face Eleanor Rigby Good Day Sunshine A day in the LIfe Strawberry Fields Get Back Something Dear Prudence Norweigen Wood and for her #1, I'm Looking Thru You
  3. Game turned when Tunsil went out with the concussion. We had success running before that point. After that, nothing but tackles for losses and pressure on the QB. Tannehill is horrible with a bad OL and decent with an above average OL. The guy that should be fired is the guy that thought it was a good idea to sign Sam Young as the swing tackle behind 2 guys that have missed numerous games with injuries.
  4. I put D T s in and I get President Trump. No idea why. So I had to edit to defensive tackle. Weird.
  5. The 2 defensive tackles had high grades, yet Phillips thought he should play over them. Good riddance to him. That guy we promoted from the PS will be able to do what Phillips did with no drama attached.
  6. Seems like a typical trap situation type game. Cincy coming off a huge dramatic win, going against a team that got killed. This is the NFL. You know what happens next. Having said that, anybody who watched the two teams play on Sunday would have a hard time making a case for Miami.
  7. So what we have is the same OL that stunk the last 2 years minus Pouncey. Went out and replaced 2/5ths and both those guys are on the IR before week 4 was done. Not good. This offense was proven over and over that if the opposing D doesn't have to play the run, we can't pass for ####. And with these 5 guys in there, we have no running game.Only thing I can suggest is to promote Asiata from the PS and insert him at LG. He's a run blocker. Obviously can't handle pass protection, but you should be able to scheme pass blocking. You can't cover for guys that can't win one on ones in the run game. That's as far as my thinking goes. Probably won't work but what the heck.
  8. Guess you haven't seen the Kenny Stills TD on Sunday. Watch that play and tell us that the wall is fine where it is.
  9. Absolutely have to get a TE that can catch some passes with their 2nd round pick.
  10. The Giants kind of have their stadium partners by the short hairs. They could choose to trade their #2 to the Bills.
  11. Exactly what I came to post. This smells awfully like the Tannehill deal. Eagles should get that ACL fixed now OR keep $10 million in cap space to get Cutler in September.
  12. I listen to every host on the FAN outside of the morning show, male or female, except Kim Jones. I have to turn to another station. I have no idea why. Just can't take her.
  13. I can vouch that CHOP is fantastic. My daughter was diagnosed there in about an hour after seeing numerous specialists for head and back pain. Luckily it wasn't a serious condition; it was a condition that breeded on stress. And what caused the most stress was not knowing what the problem was. Anyways, CHOP is great.
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