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  1. I'll just file away these screen shots of winning teams right next to my TURFWAR.com screenshots
  2. Does anyone remember turfwar? It was the first daily site and it ended a lot like this. FYI - guys whose face was all over Turfwar website is none other than the leaguesafe founder Paul Charchian. I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin
  3. Very rough math...looks like he's holding about 700k to a million for football leagues alone. 700-1000 leagues approx $100 buyin 12 teams per
  4. Mike's twitter and facebook are gone. This stinks to high heaven.
  5. The guy that played Doaks in Dexter would workDoaksThis has a Dexter frame job written all over it. There is some forensics guy in the LAPD behind it all.
  6. Who doesn't know what a POI is....duh...I have no idea either but it was still a cool read
  7. Has to be, unless Lucky and Lansky did it on their own, but I don't think that's what happened. Who all was in the diner when Gyp gave up his hotel and room number to the newsie?When Nucky was in the theater, Owen gave him the news from Rothstein: "four fatalities, non of the Gyp Rosetti"It seems the hit came from Rothstein but Nucky knew it was going down.This was the agreement discussed when Owen and Luciano left the room.
  8. The horn was cover...c'mon guys Harrow is a pro. If you were Manny's driver would you be honking at him?
  9. That is Alexis Texas!!!

  10. gb the new avatar. who is that?

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