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  1. Down to 152 AH I’ll see you guy in March...
  2. Saw it when I google EXC under the latest news.
  3. @Todemany concerns about EXC splitting into 2 companies? Not sure if that changes anything?
  4. Someone on stocktwits was comparing FLGT to their Bi-polar ex girlfriend yesterday. I believe that a fair comparison...Man, thought 150 was a bargain lastweek
  5. I was told that you only get hurt if you jump off the roller coaster. I'm digging in. Not sure I'll be buying anymore today. Really would like DIS to have some of this correction to get more, but other than that I think I am gonna let this week simmer down a bit...That is unless Todem comes on and says otherwise...
  6. Started watching “tell me your secrets” on prime. Kind of liking it so far.
  7. bought a couple more SE shares at the 10% drop.
  8. was wondering the same thing. down 2% in the small bond position i took. would have been better off just leaving it in the settlement fund...
  9. anyone else adding more FLGT? it's approaching 110. I got in at 150, but I'm not sure 110 is where it stops...
  10. Dang, CRSP, FLGT EBS putting the hurt on me. THANK YOU SIR! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!
  11. Yup, I can't wait for next years stock contest. Not gonna throw a crazy amount but I know someone here put in 5K this year.
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