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  1. Sell out of all of it Oz? Having 2nd thoughts?
  2. I know, you can't hide money and I'm a big roller. Bought 1 share of SE at the close which officially fills my position there. Bought 1 share of AMZN at close as well Bought 20 BLDP per @Todemand bought next part of my PINS position. Would have bought some EBS but already had filled that position and am down a bit there.
  3. Probably going to buy some more PINS and BLDP as well
  4. Jerks....Now I have to buy at least 1....
  5. FLGT- down 45% NNOX- down 45% CRSP- down 30% AXON- down 25% Down atleast 10% on a handful of others PINS, AMT, EBS included. Having been doing this less than a year and this is my first taste of the puckering effect. NOT SELLING though. NOT buying now either...
  6. sold off SM as i didn't plan on it to be a long term hold and wanted some more cash if this continues for other positions. It was 1 of only a few green positions in my blood red portfolio...
  7. If you do nibble at st would love to see what as we have some cash but after getting in on a few AMT, CRSP, NNOX, FLGT pretty high I’m a bit gun shy. Started a DIS position at around 162 and was really wanting that to pull back a bit but not sure if that will happen.
  8. Yeah, I was semi joking, semi curious too. And since I love SE, I’m sure the locals would accept me as one of their own when I brought that up...
  9. Just curious, did you get out of TSCO or is that a different account?
  10. NNOX, CRSP, FLGT....googling retirement in Malaysia...
  11. Wife and I just started “the Americans”. We’re a tad slow....
  12. Hi bud, I’ve tried all the varieties and my fav is the original. Maybe the triple barrel is my 2nd, but it’s like they are trying too hard IMO to come up with stuff when they don’t have to.
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