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  1. Not sure, but when I saw he was dealing with a wrist injury what are the chances he did it on his one handed push-up attempt celebration….
  2. Kind of leaning away from Meyers this week. Sounds like their line is going to have some potential problems…
  3. Have Panthers, but with the Lions being down possibly 2 olineman and Hock not being 100% at the very least I’m kind of have my eyes on the Vikings.
  4. After getting burned last week as a cook/mattison owner I have hunt locked in but considering collins over the possible Vikings rbs.
  5. If he’s active I don’t really trust either him or mattison. It played out exactly how I thought last week with him going out. Maybe it’s just the browns d is really good but just sit the guy.
  6. Sigh…here we go…again. So, last week I went with if the Vikings play him, you play him. We know how that went. What are you other owners doing? I respect him wanting to tough it out and play hurt, but I don’t think he’s a guy who can be effective going out there hurt.
  7. Thanks bia. I agree with you. If he is out there He’s more than likely aggravate it and it kind of screws playing mattison as well unless he is inactive. I think Zimmer let’s him out there because he is a special talent but I think it’s a detriment not letting the guy heal. I’m rolling the dice with Sermon and may regret it but just have been a dalvin owner before and believe it doesn’t turn out well if he’s out there.
  8. If I hit the lottery I am going to buy a 1987 Buick Regal Grand National GNX….and you can definitely take that to the bank…
  9. I'm throwing him in there too over Cook & Hunt. What's the worst that can happen....
  10. I'm not gonna start him. Already can see him limping off the field after a few carries.
  11. Anyone else planning on sitting him? I saw him fall on a few runs just making a simple cut. Watching him limping off and grimacing at the end of the game I think is enough for me to take a pass. I know the Vikings are winless and don’t have the luxury of not playing their best players, but Dalvin reminds me of Julio. Incredible talent and even though they want to play hurt they don’t tend to do it well and end up becoming a decoy. I wish they would do what the Raiders did with Jacobs and just let him heal.
  12. I dropped Broncos for Panthers. They hadn't really got the pass rush I hoped for and now Chubb is on IR. Panthers seem to be flying around everywhere. Chubb being gone was the deciding factor for me.
  13. Carlson doesn't get much love, but he's been money since last year.
  14. I don’t think it’s Ryan as much as the o line. It didn’t look great in preseason to me, and not sure how much it improves. Look what happened to Lamar last week. If the line has changed dramatically it can really hurt.
  15. Post anything for us non nfl ticket guys
  16. I know last year there was something last year with her, but they wrote it off as she was reporting in the cold, but something still seems off with her?
  17. wonder if he was late for a meeting or something? Shanney's plan to motivate him....
  18. I think the worst thing the kid to do is let the pressure get to him with trying to make a good impression and try to do to much and put the ball on the ground early. I’ll be rooting for him.
  19. What did you think totem? I wouldn’t exactly call it a classic…
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