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  1. Cobb and Tonyan are the plays for GB imo in the pass catching department, I think Aaron Jones will be used heavily this game, running passing routes often. I think Chase Edmonds is due for a big game. I think he will break off a few long runs so Conner doesn't have the chance to steal his carries. He had a solid line last week albeit against the Texans.
  2. Thoughts on starting Cards at home vs GB tonight or Dallas at Min on Sunday. If it matters, I have Dalvin Cook going.
  3. This was a tough decision before Adams and Lazard were out, now it is even harder. I think everyone will be on Cards, therefore I'm leaning GB with the points.
  4. I like what I saw this past week, but I wasn't happy that Ty Johnson received the goaline carries when they were close before Ty Johnson got concussed. I think Carter would have a much larger role if Ty wasn't a factor, Ty alone had 6 catches-65 yards. A big what if those were all Michael Carter plays....
  5. I am in the boat of Unless Hurts gets injured. My thought process of why the Eagles brought Minshew in this offseason was in case Hurts went down, they would have someone who can at least be mobile like Hurts and unlike Flacco who is a statue back there.
  6. For some reason the Dallas game to me seems like a trap. Both teams playing well into the bye. Minnesota always in some tight games. I think it really comes down to who comes out flat off the bye. That Bucs line is nice. Bucs offense is too good for the Saints to keep up.
  7. I picked him up this week more so my opponent didn't have a chance. He has multiple byes and I would rather him not have this blow up game chance to add to it.
  8. Used: Offense: Cardinals, Packers; Vikings, Falcons, Saints, Chiefs, Rams Defense: Jaguars, Bengals; Broncos, Titans, Patriots, Colts, Saints Week 8: Offense: Giants Defense: Rams
  9. Interesting and I like it. Pittman is the Ertz of Indy....
  10. I'm so glad the Manning's are back. I couldn't stand watching the normal broadcast. The only critique I have of the Manning's broadcast is the talking over each other sometimes, then one guy stops and waits for the other to go all awkward.
  11. Im interested in this situation. If Adams is out, might lean Arizona this week over Dallas.
  12. Has to be Favre when put up against those other greats.
  13. Nice article and hope there is more highlight plays to come!
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