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  1. I won by 1.8 points last night. Woke up to a loss because of the 6 point change and I cant find anything that says why or what.
  2. Rafa takes French like it was candy...and not one word on this board? Weird #HaterBlindness
  3. We can do a GroupMe or Telegraph message group But I'm for just moving this to anoth:e:r board or something. Or Cav can just ignore the nonsense...and only come to this board to update this thread.
  4. Hang in there Cav... I'm happy with your leadership. Let me know if I can buy someone out...I liked having the most shares there for a while.
  5. How much are new speed queens typically? For commercial and home?
  6. Just watched the Lara/Hurd fight...GREAT fight!
  7. Screw Canelo...I never liked the way he was ducking GGG before they finally fought...now this mess? You're a millionaire...you can afford good food/meat. I don't buy his BS at all. Go find Chavez Jr to fight again or some other nonsense no one should be remotely motivated to watch.
  8. Super cheese but, "knee deep in the hoopla" is a great lyric.
  9. Yep... that's my area (Murrieta). Reminds me of the Orange County Crush back in early 90's before they added lanes and freeways to help. There's only one way through that area and it's just far too many people/vehicles.
  10. I just wished we had more lanes. Traffic in the IE is getting redonk!
  11. Not the hero we want...but the hero we deserve
  12. I absolutely love their defensive mentality. Game could end with 70 total points and I'm still thoroughly entertained by the battles, positioning and teamwork.
  13. "...assured Virginia its third outright ACC championship in program history, all in the past five seasons under Coach Tony Bennett." That is impressive as hell.
  14. Meh...Rudy can hit the DR and self evict at any time. But producers don't want that so they talk everyone into just voting them out. Wonder if they forfeit their stipend by self evicting?
  15. I didn't mind him going into the stands. Someone threw a beer at him. Hell...I've struggled with the same hair trigger. But opting to go at the small dude standing beside the guy who obviously did it was a punk move. He made a "business decision" at that point...so can't just point at rage and hair trigger being the reason. He went into the stands...and then couldn't back out so he went at little dude. But I definitely applaud him working on those impulses and changing his overall mentality.
  16. I've always thought it was a punk move going into the stands like he did. Go back and watch that...big guy throws beer. He runs up towards him and then goes after skinny little guy still holding his cup. It was straight punk.
  17. That Kansas thing is ridiculous every year. They win that weak @zz conference every year of its existence and are gifted a #1 almost every year because of it. I'd love to see Kansas in the ACC. That siht would end real quick. As much as the Duke haters want to talk about Duke being overseeded and underperforming comparative of their seed every year...they really show their blatant hypocritical nature in turning a blind eye to Kansas having that #1 seed every year but never doing anything with it.
  18. Last episode has Zabka crush Daniel's knee. Daniel goes up crane style and instead of going for the win...Zabka just front kicks that good knee. It folds back like a cheap Wal-Mart backyard chair...as Daniel falls face first down onto that leg...his lips actually pressed against his own foot...audience in the stands vomit and wretch. Fade to black on Zabka just laughing maniacally as the camera closes in tight on his face.
  19. I'm hoping Zabka stomps a mudhole in his @zz for like 10 minutes straight every episode. Just total annihilation. Sometimes...just sometimes...the bad guy wins.
  20. UGH! There...I got it out of my system. It's funny...at my age...I am still so affected by UNC beating Duke. My wife saw the clip of the mom walking away from the signing table because her son put on the wrong hat and chose the wrong school. She said, "I can see that...but how did she not know it was a possibility?" I told her, "Seriously...I'd walk out too...I'd freaking flip the table. Hell...I wouldn't have even allowed a damn UNC hat on the table!" But then I realized how ridiculous I was being...my son is going to school and getting an education...etc. Then I was snapped back to reality...NO freaking way would I wear his jersey in the stands! I'd have to make up a generic one or something. This thing will just never leave me...it's become as necessary as air or food. Congrats on the win...payback is coming.
  21. It's interesting to see how this thread evolved from us trying to figure out who the celebrity was to basically trying to figure out who ISN'T the celebrity. #TheyRapinErrybody
  22. That last part smells a lot like, "If you don't want to be treated like a whore...then don't dress, act or talk like one." #AskedForIt
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