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  1. As a Crooks owner I would say he's been consistent. He's the default #1 target and they will have to throw the ball. Assuming he's healthy, I have no choice but to roll with him.. He most definitely has the better QB
  2. Good point about CLE and the last two games = momentum. I picked them up to potentially start down the stretch. I have had PIT and rolled with them all year. Went w/ SF this past weekend which was negligible but think I have roll with PIT.
  3. I have the same exact plan except I do have SF for this weekend (no bye) so with one game at a time, It'll be SF, PIT, CLE
  4. Question is...if he's active do you start him? Indy has a tough D + it's a late game and how likely is it that he'll be at least 85% healthy? I generally never bench my studs but with the above and Booker possibly getting carries it makes for a tough decision. W/ Booker handcuffed, if Jacobs is out, I highly doubt I'll be rolling with him.
  5. Any folks feeling Breshard Perriman? In particular for week 14? He came on strong late last year in TB. Mims is likely out so perhaps some extra targets and they are going to have to likely throw the ball to keep pace with SEA. Thoughts...?
  6. Should I roll with Carr instead of Goff? or go off the rails and pick up Tua vs KC (he'll have to throw - but concerned he could get pulled for Fitz) or Darnold with a matchup vs SEA in which he'l also be forced to throw as well in order to "try" and keep up (although it looks like Mims is out)....
  7. Same boat with Carr as my other option vs INDY. FML for this week in fantasy...
  8. How confident are any Goff owners for Thursday vs NE? Assuming you are in the playoffs?
  9. So with a playoff berth, I have the very tough decision between Goff and Carr. I had Dak but lost him and have been dealing with this decision almost weekly and it's win or go home time so I need to make the right decision. Goff is at home VS NE who stayed on the west coast. Carr is at home VS IND I feel Goff has more weapons to throw the ball to (and he does spread it around) but worry about Bellicheck and his game planning and rattling him. When he's rattled, he's off. NE Def is historically good and I feel like they may have turned the corner this year. Carr rea
  10. I'm rostering Tucker and considering picking up Succop.... I was able to snag Tucker this week on waivers for the Succop bye which necessitated his dropping. Tucker @ Cleveland and then home vs JAX then NYG Succop home vs MINN then on the road (indoor games) vs ATL and DET I think with the unknown weather variable, I would give the edge to Succop w/ two games guaranteed indoors and against poor defenses of ATL and DET. Anybody concur? or think that I should roll with Tucker?
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