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  1. Dak owner QB pickings are slim for bye week replacement Wentz or Garapolo or Mac Jones or Goff or Mills Leaning Wentz....
  2. From your mouth to the football gods ears...
  3. Did the same thing last week. He's scheduled to come IR next week and with Carson going on IR, perfect timing. Hoping Collins doesn't go off but if he does, I still opportunity for Penny as long as he can stay healthy. I remember about two years ago he had a really nice window of games but has been riddled with injuries throughout his career thus far
  4. Screwed at RB from day 1 pretty much as I waited in RB Carson - out IR Damien Williams - out Covid IR Gainwell - already played didn't start - ready to drop but can't until next week. START - Gibson -Q (shin) but will probably/hopefully will play AND Rhomadre Stevnson OR Jerrick Mckinnon Assuming Gibson plays (1PM game hopefully) - - - - Stevenson or Mckinnon? or should I snag Ingram and hope he can get into the endzone? or Kenyan Drake? or even Felton from CLE? if so, who do I drop? Stevenson or Mckinnon? Stevenson if Harris is out but against Dallas? Will Mckinnon get touches/snaps or will it all be Williams?
  5. Worth a pick up at this juncture...i.e. long(er) term snag and hold?? Among the likes of McKinnon, Drake, Bolden, Ingram for injury/bye week fills ins?
  6. FLEX PPR - Brandin Cooks vs Tyler Boyd vs Mike Geisiki Bellichek known to shut down opposing teams best player so leaning towards Boyd...appreciate the feedback.
  7. Is Alex Collins the 100% handcuff to Carson?
  8. If Gibson is out, I have to choose between Sermon and Gainwell....If Mitchell is out, I'm likely rolling Sermon. Problem is, it's a 4 pm game and Gainwell as at 1. Is Sermon the no brainer no matter what?
  9. PPR Andrews (@ DEV) or Giseki (vs INDY) Drafted Andrews and just picked up Giseki. Mostly planning to roll w/ Andrews this week and moving forward and Giseki was a pre-emptive bye week fill in but Giseki intrigues me....
  10. Dak vs Carr? as Carr has outplayed Dak from a fantasy perspective thus far..I generally never bench my studs but is this a foolish thought? People still feeling relatively confident in Brandin Crooks (and his QB) and Mike Williams as for sure starts? (i.e. Marvin Jones/Boyd other options) Thanks,
  11. Anybody considering benching against CAR? and if so, one must have a solid back up. I'm rostering CARR who from a fantasy perspective is out playing DAK. I never bench my studs but having this thought....am I a fool for thinking it?
  12. YES, please...fantasy football gods let this be true....ha ha
  13. Contemplating making a play for Henderson in PPR. Owner who has him is thin at WR and I have plenty to offer. Just debating who the better target would be Henderson or Mike Davis....? appreciate any feedback
  14. Me too along with Mike Williams...both of whom were targets...Contemplated benching him tonight in lieu of Marvin Jones or T Boyd but thankful I did not!
  15. I'm torn.... Cooks or Boyd or Marvin Jones....
  16. What impact will this have for Boyd (I roster him) and Chase in terms of distribution? and specifically this weekend against PIT if he is out?
  17. Can we keep this one thread up for start/sit on this board to help each other out as opposed to the assistant coach board which nobody looks at?
  18. I need to pick 2 to pair with Devante Adams. Please and thanks...will answer yours... Mike Williams Tyler Boyd Marvin Jones Brandin Cooks Leaning towards Cooks and Williams...
  19. Gainswell vs Darryton Evans....who'd you rather have and why...as your lottery ticket.... Granted Evans is on IR right now, he could be a stash until he is removed...but for argument sake, forget IR status - - -straight up who's the better talent? and if you could stash one on your bench, which who would it be and why? Thanks
  20. He's avail in my league as is Darrynton Evans (Tenn). Both are obviously a stash....Evans on IR so can create that extra space. Not withstanding IR, who is deemed to be the better "lottery" ticket? Obviously, if you roster Henry or Miles one perhaps may want the handcuff but for the one off, potential lottery ticket, who's the preferred back?
  21. Any Brandin Cooks owners starting tomorrow? WR3 or Flex? I believe he is the clear #1 option in Houston? Granted Tyrod Taylor is no Deshaw Watson but someone has to get targets right?
  22. Standard scoring PPR Bonus at 100 yds receiving or rushing (not combined) Originally was going to go with Serman but thinking Cooks is the play as he is #1 WR and it's not's a stretch to think the Texas will be playing from behind and throwing. Will answer yours. Thanks
  23. A bit concerning for sure...anybody have any idea at all?
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