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  1. 700k sighs in PA. And you all just believe there was nothing fraudulent? Again, playing dumb. Why ?
  2. I'm sure everyone in here is oblivious to the PA Senate hearing going on.
  3. Joe Biden? Boy he's so popular. Tons of followers. Guy is amazing. Most votes ever in an election. Do you people actually believe this ? Lol
  4. Can't wait for all the screaming to take place in here once Michigan and PA go back to Trump. Will you all be out rioting ?
  5. Oh boo hoo, mail in ballots because of a pandemic? Are you serious. The same pandemic that's allowing Dems to dance in the streets celebrating? Your covid was all a joke to allow for the ballots to be mailed out. Such a fraud. The entire thing
  6. Can't believe you people actually think Biden is going to be the president. Are you oblivious to what is happening ? Do you cheat in your own lives to be successful?
  7. Trump Victory folks. No need to watch. Enjoy another 4 years
  8. So let's vote for someone who is the swamp. Such a swell idea
  9. I can't believe your consideration is to keep everything closed up ? Makes no sense at all Your wife had what everyone in this world experiences....a cold, a fever, a flu, a sickness. Why don't we just close all the doors for the rest of our lives? Im afraid of what your response would be
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