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  1. 700k sighs in PA. And you all just believe there was nothing fraudulent? Again, playing dumb. Why ?
  2. I'm sure everyone in here is oblivious to the PA Senate hearing going on.
  3. Joe Biden? Boy he's so popular. Tons of followers. Guy is amazing. Most votes ever in an election. Do you people actually believe this ? Lol
  4. Can't wait for all the screaming to take place in here once Michigan and PA go back to Trump. Will you all be out rioting ?
  5. Oh boo hoo, mail in ballots because of a pandemic? Are you serious. The same pandemic that's allowing Dems to dance in the streets celebrating? Your covid was all a joke to allow for the ballots to be mailed out. Such a fraud. The entire thing
  6. Can't believe you people actually think Biden is going to be the president. Are you oblivious to what is happening ? Do you cheat in your own lives to be successful?
  7. Trump Victory folks. No need to watch. Enjoy another 4 years
  8. So let's vote for someone who is the swamp. Such a swell idea
  9. I can't believe your consideration is to keep everything closed up ? Makes no sense at all Your wife had what everyone in this world experiences....a cold, a fever, a flu, a sickness. Why don't we just close all the doors for the rest of our lives? Im afraid of what your response would be
  10. This thread is so funny. It's almost like you all just live in an entire house together sitting around the CNN channel and eating popcorn. Pelosi trying to save face by this Impeachment disaster and to create a positive spin for the Democrats. This forum eats it all up. This is a HUGE win for Trump
  11. Wife took my 4 yr old. She hasn't been sleeping very good lately and says she is scared. After reading this thread, maybe the movie had something to do with that.
  12. Browns next drive...3 passes and punt? Anyone wanna put money on it .?
  13. Simple game Freddie. Do what your team excels at
  14. 4 carries to browns RB in first half. Someone please make a change
  15. Bracie taking some flack in here. Lifetime Browns fan here. I can't stand watching this anemic offense. You can put the blame on Freddie and the OC for the garbage playcalling. You can also put the blame on Baker for not getting rid of the football. Guy has been hesitant all year to throw it past 15 yards. No clue why. Offensive line hasn't been that bad. Route running, development of plays? Something isn't jiving this year. Why do we have the number 1 leading rusher if the line is so bad? Hunt looks awesome. I'd have both backs in on every single play. Run run run the football right down the field like Duce Staley used to rumble down the field. Back and forth, Chubb, Hunt, Chubb, etc. And let them have a lead blocker. This team needs a fullback. What comes off a great running game? Play action. Why don't we see more PC? Cuz Freddie is a dip####. To me, this team needs Gregg williams back. Only for the accountability and discipline. Comes down to respect. Quit the showboating, letting everyone know you got a first down BS. Quit the overdramatic celebrations and get your ### back to the huddle. Fall starts? Offside jumps from Myles? Cheap head shots like Randall? Bench these bastards. Don't wear the correct shoes? If you have the "all about you " attitude then find a new team. Pound the football. Playaction to your super star WRs. Game over
  16. Cupcake schedule until they play a decent team. They will play ND in a bowl game and get their butts whipped. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Overrated
  17. Can Baker Mayfield please throw the ball beyond 20 yards in the first half of the football game. That's all I ask. Honestly it's not hard. If it's incomplete so what maybe a pass interference will happen. Seriously , what happened to this gun slinging offense from last year ?
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