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  1. Just got the email notification that Ohana is definitely on. All set for Sept. 25, 2021, with Eddie as the headliner, and Sept. 26, with Pearl Jam headlining.
  2. I didn't see it listed here and obviously LA is not known for great BBQ (which is probably why this was not listed), but Bludso's here is excellent. The original was in Compton, then he opened a second on the west side. The original is now gone, but he recently opened a new pop up in Long Beach that I need to try.
  3. Still holding for both L.A. shows and San Diego...
  4. I had no problem at all with it last year. Worked perfectly fine and seemingly identical to this year.
  5. Hi Sigmund, Standard scoring, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 1 flex. Start 3 of these RBs: Carson Freeman Ekeler Burkhead I'm leaning towards Carson, Ekeler, and Burk with Harris out and the dolphins being as terrible as they are. Agreed?
  6. Because he says he's a far cry from where he wants to be and he wasn't 100% as of two weeks ago. Link
  7. Urb officially placed on administrative leave. Ryan Day is acting head coach.
  8. Thanks for the response. Sounds like Helfrich is out. There is a decent chance Jedd Fisch stays on as OC, but I'll believe that when I see it. And, sounds like Demetrice Martin is going to be retained as DB coach.
  9. Looks like Chip Kelly is trying to bring Steve Greatwood (OL coach), Tom Osborne (TE/STs) and Jerry Azzinaro (DC) aboard, who were all with him at Oregon. Greatwood and Azzinaro are currently on Cal's staff. Any Oregon fans have insights into them? The UCLA people seem happy with all three.
  10. Hi, Tim. Amon-Ra St. Brown is not committed to UCLA. He's interested, though. Poly is no longer a powerhouse. And, it's not mostly a black school. It's a school with 5000 students, most of which are white. Let's hope Chip and Co. can land St. Brown, who has brothers at Stanford and Notre Dame.
  11. UCLA gets a late surprise with 4 star Maxs Tupai signing. Boom shackalacka. What a weird pick up. UCLA just started recruiting him.
  12. He's a ####, but he's also the best football coach I've ever seen. Congrats, Michigan!
  13. Mique Juarez to UCLA. Huge get. Boss Tagaloa to UCLA over Michigan, who was the other finalist from what I've seen. Great get and huge position of need. Ahem My mistake. Has it already been retired? I guess, if it's immediately. Great pickup? Great signing? Neato? Boom shackalacka?
  14. Yeah, that's a big pickup for Michigan. He's a stud and a lot of scouts think he'd be even better at DE, but he's got his heart set on TE.
  15. Boss Tagaloa to UCLA over Michigan, who was the other finalist from what I've seen. Great get and huge position of need.
  16. Asiasi to Michigan. Great get. Will Boss go with him?
  17. The bolded are all signed. Hansford was a surprise. Omotosho to UCLA was a surprise. So, the Bruins are down to 3 left today.
  18. been there, done that. will believe it when i see it I think you should feel confident. If I get info to the contrary, I'll post. Sounds fluid, honestly, but Michigan is getting the most buzz.
  19. Here we go with unpredictability... Audie Omotosho to UCLA. Nobody at UCLA thought they had a chance.
  20. Sounds like there's some Asiasi major buzz for Michigan tomorrow. I hope not, but it's a great option. Great school, tradition, and coach with history of churning out NFL TEs.
  21. I don't think he's a primadonna, but Maxs Tupai, DE (4 star - #295 overall), just announced he will not sign tomorrow and will visit UCLA this weekend instead and sign next week. UCLA wasn't even recruiting him until a couple weeks ago. He was thought to be down to Southern Cal and Utah. As long as academics check out, I would think deciding to wait and OV UCLA would bode well for UCLA's chances as long as he enjoys his visit.
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