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  1. I told my husband that when Star Wars Lands opens we are just going to put up the cash and book the VIP tour guide to bypass that mess. It is going to be insanity for a long time I think. I am hoping they do DVC and AP previews like they did with Pandora. We were able to walk on the rides (they let us do Na'vi twice without getting off) and little to no waits in the store and restaurant. Star Wars Land will be a whole different ballgame.
  2. I want to see how far that line spills over into the park. I think I read it was made to hold 5hrs of people. We had a fastpass for it during the preview and even the FP line is really long. It was a cool ride and we love Disney but there is no way I would wait longer than an hour for it.
  3. Our friends did it last week and they really enjoyed it. We left shortly before they rolled it out. My friend was a music (sax) major so perhaps that's why but I've looked at a couple You Tube videos of it and it looks cool. I think it will be a nice addition.
  4. Essentially the same in Ohio. Each state will differ but it took us about 2 months start to finish. You can go through individual counties but we wet through a foster agency bc they work with 6 different countoes and we wanted a bigger pool of children to work with. We got dually licensed for foster and adoption at the same time. There is a desperate need for good foster parents in this country right now.
  5. Unless you absolutely want Poly as a home or plan to use your points for cruises or adventures by disney vacations (don't do either of these by the way as it is a horrible waste of points!) then buying resale is really the way to go.
  6. You can bank and borrow to use 3 yrs total. For example we have 310 points. I could bank my 2016, use my 2017 and borrow my 2018 and have 930 to use on a trip in 2017. Now I personally think the Bungalows are insanely overpriced so would never do that but that's a possibility given our points.
  7. I'm spending 108 for 5 nights in May which is a mid level season. I'll get my points chart out later and give exact points for you. Sept-early Dec (minus Thanksgiving) are going to be your lowest point times.
  8. I think its 800 a year, but yes. That is how I understand it. My wife and I talked about it and despite going to World 6 times in last 7 years or so, we didnt think it made much sense for us. Bought a beach condo instead right, but more like a $500+/night room (Bay Lake tower). Plus this year we upgraded to the 1 bedroom which is more expensive. its actually $1k year (230pts x $4 and change). Does not include tickets or meal plan. Contract was $13K here is our logic: We did a cash stay at a studio at BLT for a week the year before, the room itself was about $5K (summer). We decided the following year to do closer to 2 weeks (we only get 1 vacation a year b/c of schedules) and the room would have been around $7K. I looking into renting DVC points and it was a good discount, but that led me to just looking at resales and found this one contract. It was 230 pts/yr AND it was 'loaded' meaning it had about 130 pts in the bank that were essentially free b/c they can only sell the points listed in the actual contract. It was $55/pp = around $13K So 2 weeks @ $7K = 2 trips (+ a few days) to pay itself back including the yearly dues. As for tickets, we buy an annual pass and leap frog them each year. So this year is a 'buy' year so we are going in early August, and then next year we will go in late july so we use the same tickets. So we factor in the cost of the tickets over 2 visits. Plus the cost of an annual is actually cheaper with my DVC discount then a length of stay ticket. Food is what it is. I'm not saying it is for everyone. Quite the opposite. But we are a big WDW familyI was a former cast member @ Pecos bills, and also the former Art Director of the Birnbaum Guides. My kids are still relatively young, 9 and 5. I'm sure in a few years we will explore other vacation options, but for now, its a trip we all look forward to. If we choose to go elsewhere, I can take my points and rent them out, or go for a shorter stay and upgrade to a mac daddy room, or bank then and get an extra room for my parents to come with us. We love staying on property and really do not spend a whole lot of time in the parksjust early AM's and late nights. The rest of the time is relaxing at the deluxe resort, dining and exploring non-park things. Yes, the contract will expire. Oh well....I'll be late into my 70's by then and have gotten my share of use out of it. We find that since we go more often now we spend more time out of the parks and more time relaxing and enjoying the rest of what Disney has to offer too. The resorts are a vacation in and of themselves. We have life threatening food allergies in our family and Disney is top notch with handling food allergies. It is the only place we can go where I can truly relax and not worrying about cooking meals non stop. That's just one more reason I know we will continue to vacation there for a long time (that and we are big WDW nerds).
  9. We bought our DVC on the resale market as well. I ended up buying 2 contracts bc we typically do one trip in May/early June that is a week or so at Disney and some time over in Siesta Key then in the fall between Sept-early Dec we do another 10-12 days at Disney. I bought 100 points at Saratoga Springs (~80 per point) & 210 at Beach Club Villas (~90 per point) because I wanted the ability to book there at 11 months out and it is our favorite resort. We were going twice a year and had started to stay deluxe. As soon we started to stay deluxe we rented DVC points twice and I knew it was time to pull the trigger. My Beach Club contract came loaded with 2015 points and after closing I talked DVC into going back and giving me all of 2014s expired points so we got a "free" 210 points that we are using for our May trip. I don't even know how much 5 nights at Poly and 6 nights at Grand Floridian would be but if you subtract that from what we initially paid our buy in is even lower. I don't know if we always will but for our Nov/Dec trip, I'm using half of our 210 points for us and I'm renting the other half to friends to go with us. We are all staying for over a week and they are essentially paying our maintenance fees for the year while getting a huge discount on their room. When the kids are older and we vacation elsewhere we will rent out our points and spend more time at Hilton Head or Hawaii.
  10. I have maintained contact with her since her adoption just to send pics and let her know she was doing. When she found out she was pregnant I was the first person she called. She immediately said, I want you to adopt this baby, you know I can't raise a child and I know how much Ella is loved. Definitely made me happy I kept those lines of communication open even when I didn't want to. It's really what's best for the child in the long run too. Glad to hear they are receptive to having that open relationship too!
  11. Bought DVC in the fall and booked for 2 trips in 2016. May 14-19 @ Poly followed by 6 nights at Grand Floridian then Nov. 25-Dec 6 at Beach Club. We just got back from a week before Christmas and can't wait to get back! I'm hoping the new stuff at AK will be open by our May trip.
  12. Glad to see another foster parent. The visits were the hardest part for me with my daughter. We have luckily built good relationships with all our kids bios which made the transition easier but if I'm being completely honest, it didn't become easier until after our daughter's adoption. It was almost as if the reunifications before her destroyed me and after were manageable because they weren't going to take her away. If you ever need to vent let me know. Being foster parents is a rollercoaster unlike anything I've ever experienced (and I thought fertility treatments were bad!). It is surreal to love, nurture, bond with and care for a child only to hand them over for a couple to hours to someone else who happen to be their parents bc the rest of the time you are 100% the parent. Nothing natural about it except your love for the children.
  13. I haven't posted in here in a couple years (or been on FBG at all) but randomly thought of this thread tonight and wanted to update. We went through 3 yrs of fertility treatments then decided to pursue adoption. We then decided to pursue foster to adopt. We got licensed in July 2013 and the next day they brought a 16 month old little guy who changed my world. 3 weeks later they brought a 2 day girl who would become ours forever. Our little guy left and we took in a 16yr old boy. Last January 30th, when our daughter was 1.5 yrs old we finalized her adoption. Easily the best day of my life. We had another newborn girl at the time who left us in May and currently have a 5 month old little guy (he will likely be reunified as well). Our daughter's biological mom is pregnant and asked us to adopt the baby and he is due next month so in a few weeks we will have a 2yr old, 6 month old and newborn... I'm exhausted just typing that! I never imagined in a million years our journey to parenthood would look like this but the day I held my daughter and again on her adoption day our journey made sense and I'd do it a thousand times over. Being foster parents is the hardest, most rewarding thing I've ever done! I'm going to go back and see how everyone else's journey is going but wanted to update ours so far!
  14. Saw your looks like you are making the best of weather.. keep posting so I can make my wife want to head back down again The weather was crazy...first (and last) time we go in June for sure. The bread pudding was worth the tropical storm though. Even with the crowds I had a blast at SWW. I got into it way more than I thought I would so hubby & I had a lot of fun. This was the first time we had only gone for 4 days, no hoppers and we didn't stay on property. Never again. I feel like I got cheated out of a Disney vacation. We are hoping to head down again for the week after Thanksgiving and I am already counting down the days!
  15. I haven't read this thread in a while. Good luck to everyone new trying! We took a break from the meds in Feb. and I actually got pregnant on my own with but lost it early the following month. I was pretty encouraged though that at least it happened. My husband took a new job in April and our new insurance kicked in June 1 and actually covers 50% of fertility drugs and then covers testing and some treatments so we are starting back up next month (our old insurance covered zero). In the meantime, we decided to go ahead and start the process of fostering to adopt. We are currently taking our classes and knee deep in paper work, trying to get ready for a homestudy, setting up bedrooms, etc. so it is really nice to have the fertility stuff really on the back burner. Knowing we are working on starting our family another way really takes the pressure off to get pregnant. We will still take advantage of our new insurance but I'm not worried about it now. I have tried over the past couple of years to go a couple months on, a few months off to try to maintain some sort of balance. GL everyone!
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