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  1. Well it's not like this was a surprise. I don't feel that bad, though. I'd have Mia as a dog on a neutral field to any of the other playoff teams. Cleveland is the only one that is even close. We're going to need Tua to make a huge leap next year, or this team has no hope. It's not good enough for a game-manager type QB to get the job done. The QB needs to bring a lot to table if the goal is substantial post-season success.
  2. Looks like we're gonna need some help to get in. There is absolutely no way Dolphins are beating the Bills in Buffalo if Buffalo is trying. Only route into playoffs is if someone else loses or Bills decide to rest a lot of people.
  3. Is Ito Smith hurt? I bought in to the Ito hype and I'm seeing a ton of Brian Hill out there.
  4. If indy beats pittsburgh, then Buffalo can win out and get the 2 seed. That's got value, as you get a 2nd round home game for sure (if you make it there) and you dodge KC for a round.
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