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  1. As a Detroit fan...I would play Brown, 100%. Its going to be ugly today. They are bad as it is, but a lot of coaching shakeups this week as well.
  2. Need to choose between Goff or Ryan for my championship matchup. Worth noting that my opponent has Ridley from the Falcons and Krupp and Woods from the Rams....
  3. What do you think, Gordon or ARob at my flex? Standard PPR.
  4. Made the call last week and old them I didn't have time for the run-around this year and just wanted to cancel. She of course said I could wait a month or so to see if any discounts become available 🙄. Its been shut-off since yesterday. If they come back with a killer offer I might stay, but unlike years past I am fine with cancelling. No emails or calls from them yet. Most likely will do sling for a few months because I can get Redzone, but ultimately will probably go to YouTube TV. Already feels good to be done with DTV!
  5. Called last week and scheduled disconnect for the 30th. Service was shutoff on the 30th. I called in at about 4pm that same day and after about 35 minutes on the phone I was told that they would call me back the following day (something along the lines of it needed to be 24 hours after the disconnect for the offers to show up). I was not surprised when they did not call back...so I just called them back yesterday. I was on the line with an agent out of the Caribbean for long 45 minutes. I mention the location of the call center because it was painful getting through the call from a communication standpoint. Next time I would just hang up and call back. Anyway after the 45 minutes we agreed on the following: Choice package $65/Month (no contract or commitment), Free ST Max, HBO/Cinemax, $200 visa card. After about an hour my service was still not back on so I called back again. Long story short they told me they didn't see the "special offers" on my account and the agent forgot to add the DVR and HD (which is required for my service to work)....and that with those turned back on my bill would be about $110. I even had confirmations and everything, but it just wasn't there. Obviously I wasn't having that...talked to a manager and after some more time on the phone I received the original deal. $65 Choice, ST Max, HBO, $200 Card, No Contract.
  6. I have a request for disconnect on Friday. So really let them disconnect it? Seems like many have said they called before the actual disconnect. Thanks
  7. I have gotten the past 3 years as well... Apparently they are handling things a little differently this year. Would still like to see this email everyone is mentioning. Hopefully I get it and I will post it here.
  8. Just made the call and didn't get far. The guy actually told me "we can't always give it away for free, we have to pay the nfl to carry this"...lol. I have a cancellation scheduled for Friday. Can anyone share what this "big deal" email says?
  9. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but how many servings does that make? Gonna give it a try Friday.
  10. For me it has been easier ever since I got them to give me free ST for the first time (3 or 4 years ago).... I had it setup where my contract expired every August, which is obviously perfect timing to try to get free ST (although this year I didn't even have to commit to 12 months). They have tried extending me to 2 years by offering me the Genie, etc but I always turn that down so I am set to negotiate every August. Anyway, I go about it a little different. I call them and say something along the lines of "My discounts are about to expire, which is going to raise my bill XX/month, which I obviously can't have. I want to make this as simple as possible without a bunch of back and fourth, so if you can give me what you have given me for the past few years (about 70/month and free ST) I will commit to another 12 months." Seems to be working...
  11. Made the call yesterday. Didn't even have to go to retention. ST Max for Free and enough credits to get my bill down to about $70/month with no commitment. I think its the choice 150 plan I have, so not huge package...but I am still happy. I just simply told the guy that my current discounts were about to expire and I wanted my bill to stay where it has been for the past year and I wanted ST for free. I even said standard ST without Max would work, but he said the current offer he has if for Max...so that worked out. They have hooked me up the past three years.
  12. Free Sunday Ticket Free RedZone Channel $20 off for 12 Months $10 off for 12 Months $3 off for 12 Months
  13. I would have thought hitting them with a shovel would be more humane. I cant believe I just read that! Ran them over again...oh man.
  14. A little surprised Rampage wasn't still running his mouth after the fight. Boring fight...but Rashad did exactly what he needed to do.
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