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  1. Wow, that sucks. It was just one night for me, but the chills got so bad I couldn’t walk right for a couple hours. On the plus side, I’ve heard conjecture that this means you might have had a tough go with Covid, so you may have saved yourself from a lot more than 72 hours of suck. Or, it could be that you chose the wrong vax… #ModernaRulesPfizerDrools 😉
  2. I just wanted to add that the second dose of Moderna did kick my butt for one night with chills and aches. It was all within the normal side effects, not an adverse reaction, but I just wanted to put it out there for full disclosure. Since other people are doing the same, and maybe the OP wanted that info, too.
  3. Yep, I do. I actually missed a few, so it’s a bit higher, but I tallied my friends and family that I’ve spoken to about the shots. There are dozens of other people I know who’ve gotten vaxxed, but I’m not close enough to have talked with them about it, so I left them out. I became the information stop for a lot of anxious people over the last 18 months.
  4. I am close with 84 people that I know have had the vaccine through discussions. Some of them have comorbidities, like being prediabetic, fighting cancer, heart disease, a stroke, or Crohn’s disease. Not one person had an adverse reaction.
  5. Oh, man. Sorry about that. I hope your feeling 100% again. I got Moderna, too. (Don’t tell the Pfizer people, we’ll never hear the end of their damn crowing) I’d tend to agree with you, but I’m not a doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Considering we know protections wane over time, what if you took antibody tests over a couple months, to see if your titers stay high or drop? If they stay consistent, would that speak to a good boost? (That last question is really for the docs in the house)
  6. I know you weren’t asking me, but I just read an article on the subject. There aren’t any peer reviewed studies yet that I’ve seen, but it is being studied now, I believe. The article discusses some doctor’s feelings on the subject. I tend to agree with a few that it could cause some boost, maybe even a decent boost, but because of the way even a single vaccine will clear virus, I would think it’s not quite the same level of immune boost. That’s just my conjecture, though. The Inquirer “ Will getting a breakthrough case of COVID-19 boost your immunity without a third shot?”
  7. Keep your name calling to yourself, thank you. It’s not feigned, and your constant minimizing and gaslighting is sad. Hundreds of police officers would vehemently disagree with most of your posts in here.
  8. I am no historian, either, but not that I can recall. Jan 6 was more akin to the Beer Hall Putsch than anything in American history, imo. It’s really disheartening to see so many people downplaying an insurrection in America.
  9. “The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”
  10. Here are some recent vaccination stats. And I was just about to post something similar on the math. To be fair, it isn’t the most basic math to think of the populations that way. I can see where people might get confused trying to parse the numbers into an argument. Recent Covid vaccination and infection stats. Some more stats
  11. I found this, and have read others. Sorry, don’t have the time at the moment to run down more. Also, I believe the FDA will be coming out with even more specifically on this topic later this month. A new study reports that the single-dose Johnson and Johnson Ad26.COV2.S vaccine against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) shows enhanced efficacy when administered to individuals with pre-existing antibodies against the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pathogen. I understand the recommendation is to get the mRNA vaccine, because it’s the gold standard, but the mandate is just to be fully vaccinated. If you have gotten Covid before, you can get one shot and be done, with the one shot vaccine. Just wanted clarify that point, is all. Personally, I went with Moderna, but I can 100% see the appeal of a one and done traditional shot, especially if you have an issue with trusting mRNA technology. In full disclosure, they developed the technology in the 1980s, so it’s not new, no matter what you read otherwise.
  12. The J&J vaccine is a one shot. That plus natural would both get you past that mandate, and give you protection beyond most people around you. And the heart issues were shown to be overblown, and nearly the same as natural incidence per million.
  13. 36% of people who caught Covid naturally did not develop antibodies 99.4% of vaccinated people tested positive for COVID-fighting antibodies in blood samples just six days after their second dose of vaccine
  14. I quoted the wrong post. I meant to quote your post to me, but I also read your post to bigbottom, so I get you’re just being direct, not trying to be aggressive. Sorry for pushing back (and this side track)
  15. And leave me out of this, if you’re going to just argue and needle, please. I’m here for discussions, not arguments. Thanks, dude.
  16. No, just that words have meaning, and if we ignore that, then conversations go off-the-rails like above.
  17. No. I would’ve said that, if I meant to say that, and I would never say such a thing. When people transition from female to male, not just dress the part, they take testosterone.
  18. That’s how the transition happens, but I’ll edit in case he didn’t know.
  19. He’s asking if a woman that has transitioned to male, with female DNA, that has a beard and looks male, as many trans men do, is cool to play with women. Just for clarity.
  20. The first article was to show how Indian scientists and doctors were able to determine it wasn’t ivermectin. Whatever they do determine had brought their numbers down, that particular drug’s efficacy and assistance has been debunked. The second article was more to show you how the experts think, and how they work out what happened. It’s not meant as definitive, it’s meant as a piece of evidence that some of the top scientist feel might be a part of the answer. One thing that is missing, as you alluded, is the fact that India greatly under reports deaths and health figures, because they don’t have the ability to keep track of all those numbers. You will never get a complete view of their numbers, imo, so it will always look confusing to people like you and me. As for what caused the drop, I’d surmise It was a combination of some vaccination, some natural antibodies, a virulent variant that burns through populations quickly, and fear changing people’s behavior. The one thing most all of us have in common is the drive to live, and I’m sure I don’t need to point out to a soldier the surprising things people will do to stay alive. However, it could be that they eventually find that there was something else that greatly helped with the downturn. The key is to read, and ask questions, but to let the scientists and doctors do the heavy lifting and determine that cause. Laymen just make mistakes and misunderstand the data, because they simply don’t have the training or knowledge base. Then fake news starts disseminating, and then we the problem we see here in this thread.
  21. Sounds familiar. FBI agent Jack Bennett said Carrillo and Justus purposefully chose the protest as the locality of the killing to blend in better and to take advantage of community grief over the police killing of George Floyd. “There is no evidence that these men had any intention to join the demonstration in Oakland … They came to Oakland to kill cops,”
  22. And to you, too. Here are a couple articles that touch on what happened in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Task Force on Covid-19 have dropped the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drugs from their revised guidelines for the treatment of the infection.  The decision was taken after experts found that these drugs have little to no effect on Covid-related mortality or clinical recovery of the patient. And declines in delta variant outbreaks in India and, more recently, the U.K., are likely not due to the nations reaching “herd immunity” or viral behavior, but rather because of shifts in human behavior prompted by mounting cases and deaths, Harvard experts say.
  23. Max, you seem like a good dude, and I thank you for your service, but your sources are greatly letting you down. You seem to be looking for information, but then you post stuff like this. You don’t seem to be completely understanding the complex information you are trying to digest. That is completely normal, you aren’t a doctor or scientist, and this isn’t in your wheelhouse. However, you do yourself a disservice with this kind of post, and allowing your biases and preconceived notions to get in the way of becoming informed. People are taking the time to digest information for you, and help you grasp what is out there, but you need to be open-minded to what they are saying. Trust but verify is fine, but trust, then verify from experts and vetted sources, would be my advice. Just my .02, so take it or leave it, but you are posting a lot of goofy stuff, man.
  24. I was just about to post the same. Also, 155 successful prosecutions in the last 16 years. This is just not a real issue.
  25. Firefly was awesome. My daughter went for all four days with her best friend and mom, I went on Friday with the wife. She looked like death warmed over when she came home Sunday night, but she was still smiling. The bands were so openly appreciative of finally being able to play again, that it created a really positive vibe. Hunny warmed up into a great set. Royal and the Serpent was a very nice surprise. The Killers were the headliner, and were incredible, but Cage the Elephant killed their set dead. Upstage doesn’t even begin to describe it, they just owned all the other bands. The energy was at a 12. Man, it felt so good to get back to live music. Next up, Soccer Mommy and a fest at Merriweather.
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