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  1. Went w Godwin instead. Dont like the possible pending suspension, and think chucky is crazy. GL to those of u brabe enough to roll the dice.
  2. Anyone picking him up just in case? Considering dropping Sutton wr DEN in a short bench league. At least he knows the playbook. How much we shall see. Any more updated re the suspension?
  3. U had 85. We all need to go back further. But sure, after Rodgers just did that... bears fans come on into the north coast support group. Only missing the pack.
  4. And feel for u kitties fans. What is it about the north coast? BUF, DET, CLE? Sincerely, A browns fan
  5. And looks like 3 of those are his daily breakfast. I think nutrisystem is getting him into "before" form
  6. Serious chance he's starting for Dallas soon. I'd take a 3rd or 4th and run like hell. But Farmer isn't smart enough to pull that off. and we're past the trade deadline.
  7. god how i wish the draft day rumors were true and jerry jones "stole" him from us vs. taking the guard. who knows, maybe JF learns from romo for a year and could have one a few of the 7 games they just lost w/ romo out. tough to be a browns fan...
  8. keep up the good posts...

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