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  1. went w Boswell PIT. Gost is good, but sometimes McDaniels gets too cute going for 2 all game.
  2. I'm in after Manny's injury today. And his ROS isn't bad. And with denver's issues (harris/sanders) this week, on the road, he's in.
  3. In on BUF for at least this week. 2 ints, 3 sacks and 10pa @ the jets last month. anyone still here, congrats and GL
  4. called it, and he outscored brees... gonna likely cost me the dub, but I LOVE IT! i'm sure Hue is checking the tape with Marvin.
  5. Kelce on a bye, went w/ Brate @ home.
  6. we watching the same games? freeman is a plodder who averaged just over 3ypc last week. yea, he stole a TD to make the stat sheet acceptable. the devil is the most talented offensive skill player they have right now. and averaging 5.5 ypc while breaking 40+ yard runs. VJ is fighting for his job, along w/ the rest of the staff. I heard on the talk radio here that after the Paradis injury, the re-shuffle was basically a center and 4 tackles on the oline. And they were good last week. They're going to run to minimize keenum's issues, and the majority of the carries will continue to go to Phil. If your rbbc is 65/35 (for both freeman and booker), then I agree.
  7. page 4 is unacceptable. my opponent w/ Mahomes picked up Baker to play vs. me this week. don't like it, but I'll enjoy the loss better if he throws 4 tds in a win. in related news, I recently bought a 6 jersey. planning to wear it to the game in Denver. Any Browns fans going to the game 12/19 iirc?? I don't have a stub yet, but that's not hard. Maybe a tailgate in the donkeys back yard?
  8. Dude is a surgeon. 77% completions??? Breaking all time records weekly now. And go boilers.
  9. I'm in. A little worried about Watson & Co. this weekend, but they're home and playing well overall. And about due for a DST TD.
  10. Somehow got Penny @ 11/14 on the wire. Adams went #1. Agree w/ the draft pedigree theory (crossing fingers). Maybe Pete looks at the tape and realizes what he has. Sorry for the sidetrack. GL to the new Adams owners.
  11. . looking for a dez replacement flyer. ETA: anyone "in the know" like him more than penny in SEA?
  12. once again... you're better than that. and there's a thread devoted to this "debate" both (not archie) manning's have 2 rings. and the #s. it's the corporation. and why do you really care? don't hate the player, hate the game.
  13. thx. and this was funny "Of course Mayfield described the 92-yard run this way: “Great handoff.”
  14. solid again, after last week's mess. I'm rolling with them. ETA: talking about WAS. they look good and gave up 3 on the road.
  15. if your chubb lasts for more than 4 hours, please seek medical attention. too bad there's a bye next week.
  16. surprisingly quiet. 4 min drill and we steal one. dorsey has to be feeling good.
  17. my ohhhh my... we are at full chubb. and my brownies are ballin.
  18. Love to hear that, but it's MKC. Jimmah needs to let go, if not for anything more than his pathetic track record thus far. I will believe it when it happens. Then get on my knees and pray. And his wife??? really? get her out of the room.
  19. . and interesting, especially w/ the state of the wrs in WAS now. I only play redraft, and it doesn't look like he's there yet, but thx for the info.
  20. Biggest winner in ff should be brees owners. And I like that bryant will be $$$$ motivated if he has ANY hopes of a future contract in the league. That said, if he drops 700 and 6 tds roy, he just might. Or he acts like he owns the place, rants on the sideline like always, gets cut and he's done. He's evidently all in, and in a great offense on a great team. I want to know the contract deets.
  21. Well done. i don't get why anyone wants this mess on their roster. Not to mention Conner is out performing his #s. Bet he and his agent didn't see that coming... For those of you praying for a playoff run GL.
  22. First, it was the bromance w/ MKC. Then it was his piehole. It was a tough job for any coach, granted. But, he's acting like he was a cuckold HC watching the OC haley run wild (with dorsey's blessing allegedly) over "his baby" the offense . Just another scapegoat for Hue. And I agree he's doing himself no favors with future job possibilities. Hopefully the disfunction is over, and Dorsey and Jimmy have learned from their most recent mistakes.
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